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Monday, October 19, 2009

There's a gap, baby.

I met a friend today who asked me regarding that bestfriend of mine who actually fall for me..
On who he is, I'd rather keep it to myself, and a number of friends who already knew bout it knows.

I've given it a long and hard thought and came out with a decision..

One very fine day, when I could talk to him about this, I might tell him..
Tell him to let both of us live our lifes, go with the flow, go date whoever we want to..
And if it's fated, me and him to be together, that time will come..

Or who knows, one day when both of us actually give up on love, and thinks that it's time for us to get married, we'll just get together and get married. LOL. I know it sounds funny but it aint no joke. He is indeed a veryyyy nice guy.. Veryyyy!! Tried and will do anything just to please me. He hates it everytime I got moody. Will do anything to cheer me up. Will try to get anything I wanted to see me smile. Not that he's ugly or whatever, in fact he is kinda cute.
It's just that, it's hard for me to go beyond friendship with a friend, a bestfriend of mine.

So yeah, we might as well keep things remain this way.

The real love might pass me by, but I can't force myself. At least I tried. I did.. But there ain't no way for me to hook up with someone base on sympathies. I don't sympathize him for falling for me who doesnt feel the same way he does. I'm glad. It's obvious that he accepts me for who I am... So far.. He makes me feel appreciated.
But, fate.....


Rubina Yunal said...

*teringat experience sendiri
*teringat citer Made of Honour showing on HBO smlm..

Honey, a man and a woman can never remain bestfriends.

Normal friends, maybe. But bestfriends? Never. Impossible :) Once in a blue moon maybe, but FAT chances!

And there's no such thing as platonic love that can last long between 'mars' and 'venus'. Eventually you'll fall for each other.

Cards' on the table now. Play them well :)

Sish Nina

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...