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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oompa Loompas'

Since I've retired from being a stalker, I just happened to noticed that stalkers nowadays, they don't just stalk.
They also make up stories about them people whom they're stalking.
Hm, I wonder...
It must be more fun right?
Because I haven't reached that level before I retired.
I guess you must be so damn cool doing what you're doing.

Well, run along... KIDS.

Oh and, I think it's better for you to quit studying in that University of yours.
Because you're so cute that I think you might be better off get a place in a kindergarten.
Don't you think being in that Uni is like wasting money and your time and all?
At kindergarten, you can have all the fun you been longing for, sweetie.

Again, I am just suggesting.

Oh *yawns*
I'm sleepy already.
Well grown ups work for their livings and just have no time to play.

Good morning.
Have a safe one.

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