Friday, October 30, 2009

Nur Kasih.

I'm watching Nur Kasih right now.
Never followed or actually watch this TV series..
But my sis switched on the TV and I heard the dialogues and watched the scene where Adam was trying to tell something to Katrina.. But Katrina kept finishing his sentences..
She knew that Adam has no more feelings for her. Do not love her like how he loves Nur.. And Adam said, "Kalau dah tahu, kenapa kita teruskan keadaan macam ni..?"

Katrina replied, things like.. "You are still mine, no matter what.. Eventhough I am no more in your heart..".. in tears...

Yes. Sakit sangat..
Facts that are so hard to swallow.
When the first one, got abandoned just like that.
And the man will feel so guilty and do not know how or a better way to tell the truth because no matter how, the truth hurts. Truth kills, indeed..



mashimarul. said...
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mashimarul. said...

nur kaseh nuer kasehh sy menuntunnya juga ahahaha (: