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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nice, sharp razors there

It's so funny but not surprising at the same time for me knowing that some people who I don't give not even an inch of shit of actually cares so much about me, been so thoughtful by talking about me here and there, STILL.
When it's gonna be over?
Oh hell I don't give a flyin F.

So yea, I hope all is well..
Having such enjoyable moments talking bout me, who actually tend to forget your existence, ( I apologize)..

And I would also like to thank you, for being oh so thoughtful... =)
But yeah, I am just not borned to be as thoughtful as you are, and forgetting your existence; it left me nothing to talk about you...

So yes, like what you've been telling people.. Yeaah yeahh I'm in Melaka. You saw me? Really? So did people give u money when you told them I'm here? No?
Better ask them for some money.
At least you don't talk about me for nothing.

It was just a suggestion anyways..
Just a lil piece of my mind.

Have a good day, dear STALKERS.

Oh I do love you, with alllll of my heart..


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