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Friday, October 30, 2009


Today's my first day off from my new, current job.
So far, I think I got better and better each day.
Today was fine..

I can already recognize those cards that have the access to the lounge,..

There's this someone whos been freaking me out since my second day.
He's acting like he's obsessed with me or something.
And it's not a good thing for me to know, as I feel so insecure and uncomfy around him.

But whatever.
I need to be professional.
So personal issues should better be far away from my duty.

I miss my friendssss..
Those who have been spending time with me during my jobless days.
We had so much fun..

But it's alright.
I got a whole lots of responsibilities to be taken care of.
Fun will be there anytime.
Will get it once in a while.

Toodles peeps. :))

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