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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Nur Kasih.

I'm watching Nur Kasih right now.
Never followed or actually watch this TV series..
But my sis switched on the TV and I heard the dialogues and watched the scene where Adam was trying to tell something to Katrina.. But Katrina kept finishing his sentences..
She knew that Adam has no more feelings for her. Do not love her like how he loves Nur.. And Adam said, "Kalau dah tahu, kenapa kita teruskan keadaan macam ni..?"

Katrina replied, things like.. "You are still mine, no matter what.. Eventhough I am no more in your heart..".. in tears...

Yes. Sakit sangat..
Facts that are so hard to swallow.
When the first one, got abandoned just like that.
And the man will feel so guilty and do not know how or a better way to tell the truth because no matter how, the truth hurts. Truth kills, indeed..



Today's my first day off from my new, current job.
So far, I think I got better and better each day.
Today was fine..

I can already recognize those cards that have the access to the lounge,..

There's this someone whos been freaking me out since my second day.
He's acting like he's obsessed with me or something.
And it's not a good thing for me to know, as I feel so insecure and uncomfy around him.

But whatever.
I need to be professional.
So personal issues should better be far away from my duty.

I miss my friendssss..
Those who have been spending time with me during my jobless days.
We had so much fun..

But it's alright.
I got a whole lots of responsibilities to be taken care of.
Fun will be there anytime.
Will get it once in a while.

Toodles peeps. :))

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Halloween... and.....

This is my costume. Lol. ;P

Monday, October 26, 2009

First day at new place.

I just got back from work, I mean, I'm still hanging around somewhere around Thai Royal Silk Lounge, which I handled for today..
They might be sending me to other lounges such as Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines next..

M waiting for my sis, going back with her.
Parked my car at the ERL station...

And my new job is great so far, Alhamdulillah..
They make me feel welcomed and comfortable..

Monday is not our busy day.. So I was smiling, sitting and writing most of the time..
Lets see what happened on Wednesday, see if I can handle the busyness..


I've been missing this atmosphere, this surroundings.
Now here I am, back in KLIA.



Sunday, October 25, 2009


Stop, please stop....

Stop making me cry...
It's been quite some time since I last dropped tears of pain..

Why tears, why do you have to come dripping on my face..

Stop right there, pls.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oompa Loompas'

Since I've retired from being a stalker, I just happened to noticed that stalkers nowadays, they don't just stalk.
They also make up stories about them people whom they're stalking.
Hm, I wonder...
It must be more fun right?
Because I haven't reached that level before I retired.
I guess you must be so damn cool doing what you're doing.

Well, run along... KIDS.

Oh and, I think it's better for you to quit studying in that University of yours.
Because you're so cute that I think you might be better off get a place in a kindergarten.
Don't you think being in that Uni is like wasting money and your time and all?
At kindergarten, you can have all the fun you been longing for, sweetie.

Again, I am just suggesting.

Oh *yawns*
I'm sleepy already.
Well grown ups work for their livings and just have no time to play.

Good morning.
Have a safe one.

I wanna wanna!!!

... watch this... :D

My own Stalker anthem.

One, two, three, four five...
One lil' stalker came passing by
Six, seven, eight nine ten
And another drama starts again

Sing it like the Fish song (the original version);

One, two, three, four five..
Once I caught a fish alive..
Six seven eight nine ten
Then I let it go again..

Cute, innit? ;P

Nice, sharp razors there

It's so funny but not surprising at the same time for me knowing that some people who I don't give not even an inch of shit of actually cares so much about me, been so thoughtful by talking about me here and there, STILL.
When it's gonna be over?
Oh hell I don't give a flyin F.

So yea, I hope all is well..
Having such enjoyable moments talking bout me, who actually tend to forget your existence, ( I apologize)..

And I would also like to thank you, for being oh so thoughtful... =)
But yeah, I am just not borned to be as thoughtful as you are, and forgetting your existence; it left me nothing to talk about you...

So yes, like what you've been telling people.. Yeaah yeahh I'm in Melaka. You saw me? Really? So did people give u money when you told them I'm here? No?
Better ask them for some money.
At least you don't talk about me for nothing.

It was just a suggestion anyways..
Just a lil piece of my mind.

Have a good day, dear STALKERS.

Oh I do love you, with alllll of my heart..


Monday, October 19, 2009

There's a gap, baby.

I met a friend today who asked me regarding that bestfriend of mine who actually fall for me..
On who he is, I'd rather keep it to myself, and a number of friends who already knew bout it knows.

I've given it a long and hard thought and came out with a decision..

One very fine day, when I could talk to him about this, I might tell him..
Tell him to let both of us live our lifes, go with the flow, go date whoever we want to..
And if it's fated, me and him to be together, that time will come..

Or who knows, one day when both of us actually give up on love, and thinks that it's time for us to get married, we'll just get together and get married. LOL. I know it sounds funny but it aint no joke. He is indeed a veryyyy nice guy.. Veryyyy!! Tried and will do anything just to please me. He hates it everytime I got moody. Will do anything to cheer me up. Will try to get anything I wanted to see me smile. Not that he's ugly or whatever, in fact he is kinda cute.
It's just that, it's hard for me to go beyond friendship with a friend, a bestfriend of mine.

So yeah, we might as well keep things remain this way.

The real love might pass me by, but I can't force myself. At least I tried. I did.. But there ain't no way for me to hook up with someone base on sympathies. I don't sympathize him for falling for me who doesnt feel the same way he does. I'm glad. It's obvious that he accepts me for who I am... So far.. He makes me feel appreciated.
But, fate.....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jobby jobby.

I went for a job interview in KLIA yesterday..
And the atmosphere reminded me of those days when I used to work there.
So I guess being there again shouldn't be any problem.

So.. so.... so.... I might say yes laa!

Lol.. Be safe ppl

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My 1st Open House.

Today was so damn exhausting, seriously..

Somewhere around 7pm++, me and Bee drove to Puchong, passed the Satria's key to her brother and then we met Shac around Sg Buloh area and followed him to his parents' place for Hari Raya's open house.
Sungai Buloh, KATANYA...

Tapi mak aiiiiii...
Cik bukan main jauhhhhh kedalammm lagi..
Terjadi lah kejadian kejar mengejar di litar Sg Buloh.
Yang jalan nya corner corner, gelap tiada lampu..
My CLK kejar Spectra Shac, pastu datang plak sebuah Type R putih yang menarik perhatian ku.
Cucuk punya cucuk rupanya cousin si Shac.
And for the first time we heard of a place named Kelip Kelip Kampung Kuantan, which is situated right opposite his place.
By the time we arrived, it was already dark..
And like what I had in mind, macam Haunted Mansion..
The house is very, very nice indeed.
But dah lah jauh ke dalam, besar, and then paling cool,...
bapak dia bela anak beruang daaa..
Baby Bear, seriously!!!
Tapi kita lupa nak tengok dia, sebab Shac cakap dia tengah tidur, and takut dia baham..
The hell, mesti cute kot?

Then terdengarlah this brother tanya, "kancil putih siapa, kancil putih??"
Owner Type R itu bersuara. Lol.

Makan makan and all dekat the garden..
Best gila, with pool, a pond, surrounded with eerie looking big trees.
But memang sangat inviting okay, the surroundings.
There were pelita-pelita dekat keliling the swimming pool..
But when we heard of some scary stuffs, macam tak berani nak wonder around sangat.
Mata ni pulak jahat gila kejap kejap nak tenung pokok-pokok besar tu.
Haih but memang agak scary la rumah parents Shac.
Memang beruntung siapa dapat kawin dengan anak anak Encik Ainuddin. (hahah asalkan boleh je aku..)

His mom, sangat friendly and motherly..
Atleast she made us felt at home.
Takde la feeling macam tak comfy and all.
The whole fam okay sangat..
There was a so-called karaoke contest and all..
His dad was dancing, cousins were singing, gila best..
And one of the little girls kena kacau at the second floor.
Katanya kaki dia kena tarik..
Gua takut sampai ni tidur tak tutup lampu okay.

Nak balik sampai suruh Bee drive..
I dah tak larat gila kot.
Kaki dah jadi hidangan nyamuk yang sibuk nak buat open house jugak.
Kalau ikut kan hati nak menggaru, mungkin dah berdarah darah macam bergaduh dengan samseng dah jadinya.

Tapi sempat lagi lepak Uptown dengan Bee, Shac, Fawaz my cousin and his friend, Taqi..
Kena air mata kucing, borak borak and chow.

Hidup........ hiduppp....

Alright ppl.
See u around.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


To whom it may concerned.

I do love you.
But as a friend.
You are indeed, a friend that I can count on no matter thru good or hard times.

Don't fall in love with me.
I'm begging you..
It will ruin our friendship, I can guarantee that.
You shouldn't have fallen in love with me.
It's not right.

Let it remain this way..
Me and you, a couple of bestfriends.
Not more than that.