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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A wish come true.

After those days of craving, finally!!!
My God..
I had a large, 3scoops cup of 3 flavoured icecreams; English Toffee, Macadamia, and Butterscotch Walnut! Yerrr.. Butterscotch, irresistable!!
I went for berbuka puasa buffet at Thai Base with Lisz and Eric Esa earlier.
We had lotsss of food and filled our stomachs until we can't walk!
I had my fav butter prawns, a dish that you gotta have when you're at Thai Base. =)
After berbuka, Eric drove us to Desa Park City and fulfilled my wish!
It turned out to be a so-called wish for me since we started fasting, and I don't easily have the time to hang out there and the least that I could do is go for late night dinner or supper at Uptown because Desa Park City closes early like any other shopping malls.
And again, yeayyy!!!
He brought along his camera, took the photo of the Waterfront thingy, chitchat, and on the way sending us home, he realised that he didn't take any photos with us. Lol.
I said, there will always be next time.
I will always be craving again and again for NZ natural.
There goes another day,..
I miss my E.
My handsome drug.
Lol. Lol.

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