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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Small little KL, indeed.

Oh by the way.

I bumped into one of my ex's last night at KLCC!!!
Kan I said I had dinner at Chinoz, when I was walking back to Chinoz from the ladies with Lisz, I noticed she was looking excited and surprisingly at this couple who walked passed us and I thought she was saying something to me as I was telling her about Escada's clearance sale!

And after a couple of steps she was like, "Oh my God!!! Don't you know who that is?!!!"
She said it was my ex, and he saw us and he even looked back at us with a smile.
That time we were already outside and reaching Chinoz. I could have stopped and said Hi kan since it's been years!! He was my bf 6 years ago kot.

By the way, yesterday when I was at work, I noticed a guy looking at me until he came up to me and he was like, "Vee kan??" I got startled a lil and made the kinda look which meant to say, "huh???" And he kept asking me, "Vee kan??"
Until I answered him "yes.." He was like, "Yessss!!!!!~" with a satisfaction look. He just said "Nanti lah I cakap dekat MySpace.." And he walked out of the store excitedly. I even noticed a couple of guys coming in and out like they were lost, looking at me. I dont know if they were friends.
When I got back and online, one of my guesses were right. He was a friend of mine, one of the Irama's boys. Sheeesh.. I hate to wonder on surprises. Hahaha..

And last night, when I was at the ATM machine at B1, a guy, a foreigner, asked me if he can use the Ambank ATM machine to withdraw money since he's using CIMB.
He came to Topman, and saw me at the cashier counter. He first asked me if I'm working there. After making his payment, he actually came to me and asked me if he could get my number. So, -customer service; I just said that I'll always be here. Real message was; I dont easily give out my digits. And you should've understood.
Instead, he said, "Can I give u my number?"
So I just passed him a pen and paper. And there was his name, and his digits which I forgot where I put it.

What a day. What a yesterday. Lol.

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