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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

road tax.

Yes I need to renew my road tax a.s.a.p before I drive back to Melaka.
And later in the evening, I'm gonna drop Ejan at KLIA.
She'll be going back to Sarawak for Hari Raya.
How excited it is to see someone going home that far to celebrate the festive season with the family.
I'm looking forward to follow any of my friends who lives far away from these big towns I've been living in.
Get a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, since Melaka is gettin' so hectic already nowadays.
Where else can I go to get some peace of mind?

I need a few days off and away; without highways, without getting stucked in traffic jams, without having to rush here and there, without having the annoying view of cars and bikes squeezing here and there,without the irritating sounds that comes from those matremps' bikes and all.

Oh how nice it is to be in some kinda rural area, a real village, with paddy field looking oh so green and cooling in my eyes.. And there'll be a number of bulls, bullocks, chirping birds...
And a small wooden house right in the middle of the field.. (I'm putting aside the thought of leeches that I've never seen in reality before, and never ever wished to see them!!! eyew.)

And and...
At one part of the village, there'll be a river..
It'd be so great to chill by the riverbank, inhaling the fresh air.... Smells of grass, water, and the sun.. :)................................


Doink gila dak Vee ni.
You were talking about your freakin road tax la, gila!!!
I need to renew my roadtax.
See ya.

But wait.
Talking about those village thingy.
There's this friend of mine who's a Sabahan which I'm not sure which part of Sabah does she lives in.
Her name is Ramina.
A cute, petite little girl with such hugeee voice- I mean, loud.
And and, she's been telling me; that her father is a fisherman.
And they actually lives in a house that I do not know how to describe it precisely, but I can only imagine something like those Water Chalets at Avilion. :D
Ok her house would be right above the sea. As in floating?
And she said the seaview is beautiful and all.
Imagining it made me feel a lil bit at ease..
So calm and and... peaceful.
Just what I need!

But too bad, her sister passed away just a few days earlier.
The deceased has been suffering the 4th level of cancer since a few months ago.
Heard that when she was still alive, she already looked like a living corpse.
I guess letting her go would be better, Al-Fatihah.
And I feel so bad for Ramina because she can't go back to Sabah just yet, she already booked a flight a few days after Hari Raya.. Not expecting that her sister will go that soon.
And she has no money to actually get another flight back for the funeral and all.
I swear if I myself is not having trouble with money, I could have given her the ammount that she needs just as long as she gets to be with her fam during this hard, mourning time.
Because that's how it goes in friendship right.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend during hard and good times.
I'm glad she understands.

Well, I guess we all have our own burdens. :)
Face the facts of life.
The wisest thing to do.

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