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Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm gonna spit on your face.

For me, being nice to people is not an option.
As far as I'm concerned, and the last time I checked, I'm being no one else but myself.
I can say this and that, but only God knows the truth.
How real I am.
As in friendship nor relationship.
And for now, I guess I'm still sticking to my principle; just be silent; let em people stab me, thousands or a million times, let it be.
As I've always said, I'm a nobody to judge, or to punish my own species.

God is great.

I'm not expecting to see anyone falling.
But I sympathized, when people repeating the same action that will lead them into hell on earth!!!

Don't tell me I didn't warned you.
Don't make me slap you with the truth again and again.

If I'm the one who's making up stories, I won't be blogging bout this shit and to be like you, a triple dumbass, has never, ever, crossed my mind.
Stupid fool.

Lil girl, grow up.
If u're not satisfied, come clean, spit it right in front of me.
Come meet me up.
Rather than talking cocks and bulls about me.

Got it?

Ah I forgot, u were borned stupid and never thought of ways to try and learn to be at least an inch smarter,
My bad.


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