Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Malaysia.

Fever's getting worst!
And I've lost my sense of taste..
It is so annoying to sip Ribena without getting the taste of blackcurrent.
It's even annoying to suck on the blackcurrent strepsils but its tasteless.

I lost my sense of smell!
I can't get the feeling of sniffing my nice smell-smelly pillow =)
My nose is blocked.
I wish my dad is here to get me an inhaler.
I know I can get it myself, but I want it that way.

And and.
Raya's comin closerrrrrrrrrrr~


And I heard that my JB and Aussie fam will be joining us on the first day of raya..
I'm glad that I'll be around!!!

I wish we could actually go to every single house that we used to drop by till late night of the first day.
So that I can go back to KL the next day with satisfaction.
Oh sedih.

Cari rezekiii..



gizbo said...

ermm..get well soonlah sis..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

tsk tsk. thanks bro...