Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Thinking of having to drive back to KL in the morning on that very 2nd day of Hari Raya really broke my heart.
I know some of you might be used to it and might think that I'm exaggerating or whatever.
Ah say whatever.
This is my first time.
Been away from my fam. Been away from my own bedroom.
And on Hari Raya, I've only been given such limited time to spend with my loved ones.
How unfair.

I gotta work.
I have to really really start paying my debts.
I've been procrastinating in alot of stuffs since my whole life time I guess.
That habit I need to eliminate from myself.

I'm sorry papa, I'm sorry mama, I'm sorry ah yi..
I know I've been neglecting my responsibilities and failed to keep my promises and settle everything on time.
I'm trying.
I know I have to quit shopping for unnecessary stuffs.
I know I have to learn to be wiser in spending.

But still..
I won't be there on the 2nd day..
Have I got no other choice?
Ah the thought of leaving my fam again makes me wanna cry.
Never mind.

And again, I truly wish that we could go to every single house that we used to go during the first day okay.
My cousin Fawaz said that he wanted to take me and my sis for drinks since his grandmom's place was always our last stop before we go back home on that first night of raya.
Can't promise him anything.
Work work work.

I'll be doin just fine kan?


Salam Ramadhan & Aidilfitri, Faizal..
and everybody.
Have a blessed one.

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