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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

b a s i c s c h o o l

I've done with my first day of Basic School at Midvalley.

Woke up at 7++am, and called a cab to Mid.
Reached there at 9am.
Early doh..
I'm amazed with myself.
The traffics memang "erghhhh" lah kan!!!

Just like everyone said, and which I never did agreed earlier,
training is fun!!!!
Just listening to Michelle, and she's nice..
We talked about fashion!!
No wonder she didn't got me bored!
I shouldn't have underestimated the whole basic school thingy in the first place!
It was just like those days in college.
The chairs with small flipped desks attached.
Projector, and whiteboards.
Learning about size convertion, D&P history, philosophy and all, fabrications; it was hella fun I tell you!!

I got so hyper when answering questions about fashion.
Trendsetters, our brands' celebs followers.
I got most of the answers correctly!!!
On Twiggy, on some designer names..
Since my heart has been there into fashion in the first place kan.
Glad it's still there!

I'm still having fever and refused to go to the clinic when my aunt told me that she could take me.
I said I'll be fine, because I've had fever for like 3 times already lately.
And it must be my lack of concerns on my own body and health.

Ok i'mma give myself 1 day, and if it gets worst, to the clinic I go!


Can't wait for the next training on Thursday!!!

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