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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thanks love.

Last night, (August 11), I was busy hanging the new stocks arrival at the store's changing room and all of a sudden Lydia, my SIC shouted for me, excitedly. I thought there was a phone call for me or something, so I rushed to the cashier counter until Ken, (my colleague from Topman)
came to me with a brown, printed paper bag package. And they said 'He' dropped by and asked Ken to passed the package to me.

It was seriously unexpected so I confidently called Ken a liar. I took the package, and it felt like it was filled with soft plastics which I assumed would be those plastics from the new stocks. So I hit Ken with the package while keep on calling him a liar.
Until Lydia started to swear on God's name and all, I slowly, curiously, open the package.
And there was 'it', a cute Charco in another Dooodols bag.

I was speechless.
He did came with a couple of friends to teman me makan during my break time. And I thought he went back already. He even waved me goodbye and all.

So there, my first Doodoll to start the whole collection of Doooooodollllssss!!!~
Mom's giving hints on getting me 3 of them.
I'm waiting. Lol Lol.

Oh btw u people should've seen my car. I got dooodolls ad's sticked on the windscreen, yes, ad's, not stickers.
When asked, why do I like them so much?
Because they are doodled monsters!
I love doodles. Dooodolls look stupid! Funny. They cracked me out just by lookin at em.
So the hell, I got my own reasons.

And Charco is a character for my star sign, Sagi.
And it says...

Sagittarius (11/22 - 12/21)
Dark as night, Charco is an oft-misunderstood creature. While he can set things ablaze in a fit of furious anger, he is also extremely shy and introverted, with only the purest of intentions.
(make it SHE la..) :)

Okay, enough of the Dooodoll. =)

I was out having dinner with Lisz and her sis a few hours ago.
And while I was driving home, there was this biker, overtook my CLK ( :P cute lil kancil la.), and he was riding his bike real fast!!!
I was wearing blue, and he was wearing blue.
And and.
I think he look so hot, I mean on the bike.
And with that speed.

That was hot seriously. Hahahahahaha..
Ini mat rempit ada gaya laaa ;P

Nak kenal boleh tak?
Tapi helmet macam pernah tumpang dekat my work place aje.

Kiddin kiddin.

I was so excited to blog on something, and I know I ended up crappinggggg...

Lol so?
Ada aku kisah ?


* keep talkin shit about me. "why be twice a monkey "*

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