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Friday, August 21, 2009

*sad face*


It's 2.08am, and I'm having this kinda feeling that makes me feel like a lil child.
I miss my parents and I feel like crying.
It's been 3 months already, since I started working here in KL.
But as the fasting month getting closer, I finally feel so depressed!

When I was in Melaka, having only RM1 or even just some coins in my purse won't be such a big deal.
But currently, I've lived with Rm4, and the worst was RM3 in my purse. No no, there were times when I have ZERO money with me.
Until I came to a level where I stop myself from texting mom and seek sympathies from her.
I tried.
I have to accept the fact that I can't live with people granting my wishes all the time, forever.
That way, I will never get to learn to stand up on my own feet.

Yes, my first year having to berpuasa without my family around.
And my first time having to use my own money for my own Raya stuffs.


Insyaallah, I will manage on my own.

"Mama, papa, I will prove to you that I can be independent and won't trouble you anymore."


gizbo said...

you go girl..lek la sis..tahun lepas gua raye kat alaska kot..kapal alongside sane.hahaha..its no big deal k..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

eh eh ajib my bro! hahaha. long time no see... alah u know me, kadang2 terusik jiwa meng! haha

Anonymous said...

u'll survive,sabrina..have faith..:)

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

God i have an anonymous visitor! and i hate it, because i'll be wondering who it was.
maybe u're my dad?
papa ke??????

answer me!!!!!!!!! its just that, its really good to know if its true. good to know if he knows that i misses him so much. =(