Sunday, August 30, 2009

s a b r i n a


Gembira kan?
All smiles, all happiness gathering around you.
I'm watching.
Just like you're watching me.

God knows.

Allah SWT.

Don't trust me.
I ain't got no power.


I ain't that good enough to brag on about religious issues.
But I believe in Him.
I believe He's around.
I believe He's watching.
I believe He knows EVERY, SINGLE thing.

How long can you be happy after you killed someone internally.

Never forgotten.

Now that's a promise.

Cry ME a river.
One day.

One very fine, calming day.

Keep smiling.

Keep laughing.

You got what you wished for.

If you're smart enough, quit testing my patience.
Because that's what you've been doing for the past couple of years.

Ye, aku blur. aku lurus bendul.
But let me say this one thing that you won't get to hear everyday.
Blur I am, but add more flames, and you'll know that YOU FUCCIN MESSED WITH THE WRONG FUCCIN PERSON.
yea im nice.
k a r m a

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