Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oliver TWIST

Twisting and turning.
I strongly believe that that's what you're doing now.
To gain trusts.

It's up to the people around you whether or not to believe you.

I am just so damn glad that I'm already here, at the stage where NONE of your words can get thru my head anymore.
Your talks are cheap and never will I buy it any longer.
Your talks are damn cheap.
Right as cheap as you are.
C H E A P.

You talk too much.
You brag too much.
But at the end of the day, you are completely ZERO.

Too bad I just realised it now.

And stop trying so hard to speak English, please.
It's good that you're trying.
But it's bad when you're only good at copying and pasting others' words when you don't quite understand what you're saying yourself.
That will make you a fuccin 'biter' man.
Stick to your mother tongue.
Just like what you are, a mama's bwoy.

So hush.
Daddy's gonna get you a new car.
Mummy's gonna give you your allowance even until you got your own kids.


RM490, is that part of the money u're using for your new life.
I guess you gonna owe me till the day you die.

You know how your mom and dad will drop tears seeing you at clubs?
Seeing you party like there's no tomorrow?
Or if they could smell the fuccin alcohol on your body?
And how your breath stinks with it?
I don't even think that they will recognize you as their kid.

God is great.
For taking me back.

And everytime you make up stories about me, especially those like I've turned wild eversince I stay here, it sounds way pathetic because I see that in you.
That's where our classes lies.
You, from the lowest.
I have no doubt where you get that kind of mentalities.
Where the hell do you think I came from to get all fuccin excited with KL.
K to the hell yo!

The stories that you made regarding me, it sounded most likely like what's gonna happen to you.
In fact, there's no need for you to be here and go wild.
That's what you already are now.

You fuccin disgrace, I worked pretty damn hard to build a life here.
To buy food for myself!
I cut my shopping list, I gotta pay for my car.
And you simply came with a twist and turn and got me spending on you.
Have you got no feelings left at all?

I seeked sympathies for a living, you fag!!!

Fuck it im flaming with anger,.

Mind my language, people.
I apologize.
It's dedicated to one so-called perfect person. Or to be more exact- an evil.
And I feel a slight relieve typing these down.

You're a sinner.
A fuccin sinner.
Everyone is.
But u're on top.
That's what you fuccin are in my eyes now.

I'm sorry everyone.

No sorries at all to the fag.
I won't call you a son of a bitch.
Because your mom is wayyyyyy nicer.
I think they must've picked you up from a garbage can when you were a baby.

Stop yelling at your mom for money!

No seriously.
I am flaming.

Slow, blurry and super nice. You know who I am. You know what I was. And you know who fuckin changed me. And I know those stories you made about me, you just had to. Because you're desperate. That is why you told me to stop messing with you when the last time I checked, you were the one who kept coming. As if you have no pride, as if your skin is wayy thicker than the wall.

Don't say I didn't warned you.
Once, twice, thrice- you tested me more than a fuccin three times.
You can't even imagine what will happen when I start taking actions.

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