Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Here comes the hardest part.

When I have to bury the feeling of hate.
The feelings of hatred and disgusts.

When I have to gather my faith and remind myself not to be twice an asshole.
That one particular person is a big time asshole, indeed.
I'm being clear here.
A fuckin asshole.
The most disgusting demon with a human mask.
Should've listened to everyone earlier.
It's too late to regret.
But now I know.
IT exists.
IT is way even worst than a devil.
A big disgrace.

Check what I got left for you.
Hidden revenges.
Ones that I'm still forcing myself to bury deeply in me.
As deep as the cuts.

Yes, I have so much hates in me.
Believe me.
If I let myself in it too much, I might change into a monster.
One that you've never imagined I could be.

I have so much disgusts in me.
That if I let it in too much, I could've spit on your fuckin face.

Looking at you now, brings more and more disgusts.
You are the biggest humiliation on earth.
Keep that.
That is what you fuckin are.

God is giving you the time to smile now.

Then smile.
Appreciate what you have now.
Live your fuccin sweet life.

Why do I have to pretend.
I dont like seeing you smiling.

I don't wait.
I won't wait.

But I do believe that I'll get to see something being twisted by God, with satisfaction.
And then, everyone will realise, who deserves the fuckin sweet smile.

It ain't you..

Laugh on this post.
Call me whatever you want.


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