Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Independence Day.

As we all know, there weren 't any celebrations with fire crackers and all since it's the fasting month.

Ejan invited me and Lisz to joined them at The Curve. Thought there was something going on, people/ mat and minah remps and others were crowding the fountain area at The Curve.
I was with Kak Linda, Lisz, and Sarah, and we met Amy Kecik, Ejan and Mus.. We finally decided to make our moves to somewhere else. So we drove to KL. To NZ. Had our supper, chitchats, and went back home.

The traffics in KL were bad. There were lotsss of motorcyclists, kids, mat rempits.
It was dangerous, they will harm other road users.
We managed to find a shortcut and reached NZ safely, Alhamdulillah.

Nothing much though.

I met Nana at the store earlier.
We talked.
Until we sweat.
We were gosipping.
I was fuming with angerrr.

Ah whatever.............

Im working morning shift tomorrow.
And I have a dinner/ buka puasa invitation at Chinoz KLCC tomorrow.
Then I might be going out with some friends after that.
And then, I might crash..

and and.

ah go sleep

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