Saturday, August 29, 2009


I was out having my supper cum so-called Sahur at Uptown earlier with Lisz, Ejan, Sarah and Ulul after work just now.
I thought I could find a stall selling icecreams, with lots of flavours there, but too bad I was wrong.
I ended up ordering a glass of soursop iceblended.

Was craving for ice creams for quite some time already. I had Walls' last week, but the one with a stick.
I want icecream in a cup or even better in a bowl.
In my head now, names like Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dasz and New Zealand Naturals are happily dancing, tempting and inviting me to go grab them a.s.a.p.

And I'd love to promote the homemade coconut icecream at Phad Thai Restaurant,USJ Taipan. USJ 10/1C. A Thai food restaurant.
Fatin is one of the people behind the place, running some stuffs on the restaurant.
Went there once with her, and she was the one who prepared me the icecream. With extra toppings such as ground nuts and some colorful, jelly-like pearls (like those pearl tea's), and small pieces of jackfruit.
It was damn good! I had 2 bowls of them. And it's just not enough!!
It's irresistable!

Icecream.............. icecream..
Oh how I want you.
I know I'll be seeing you in my dreams.

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