Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cry me a river :)

I love smiling nowadays.
Even when everything seems to be on the wrong track.
Even when I'm on my way wondering and searching for the right one.
Even when people around me got me feeling so low.

I smiled watching people dissin me.
I smiled lookin at myself sitting quietly watching them without taking any actions.
I smiled thinking that I'll be twice a dumbass if I decide to do paybacks biz.
I smiled watchin them trippin and lose in the game created by themselves.
I smiled watchin them pointing fingers at me.
I smiled watchin them trying so hard to see me fall..

I might be hanging on a cliff one day.
But I'll be the biggest fool if I'm still expecting your hand to reach for mine and pull me back up.
Because as always, you will push me right back.
For a thousand, five hundred and thirty six times.


gizbo said...

ahahah..sis...if that time, ill back u up k..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

i know u will, brotha!
i know it since the day u thought me rhymin!
lol lol.