Sunday, August 16, 2009


I was kinda pissed with some people at the mall today..
Okay here goes the story.
I was working full shift today, so I've been given 2 break times.
During the second break, I was alone, and I decided to just go tapau a Roti Boy, fruits and iced tea at Melaka Corner.
After buying my so-called meals, while I was walking back to the store, I saw some people staring at some kinda scene, and there was a crying voice came from a little Chinese boy (8-9 years old) sitting on the sofa nearby Baskin Robbins.
I already walked passed the scene, and I turned back to check what the hell were they all staring at.
After I saw the crying boy, and it was obvious that he was alone, I decided to turned back and approached him.
And then I, got the people's attention.
And got stared as well. WTH.

So I asked him,
Me: What's wrong with you.... Did you lost your parents?
Kid: (mumble mumble; I couldn't catch what he was trying to say, because he was sobbing at the same time.. But I was thankful and glad enough that he was willing to talk to me, as some kids nowadays have been told by moms and dads; not to talk to strangers- not blaming them tho.)
Me: Do you want me to help you find your mummy and daddy?
Kid: (nodding)
(I took his hand, and he stood up from the bench and followed me)
(while walking..)
Me: How long have they left you?
Kid: Em... About 10 minutes already.. (sobs)
Me: Where did you last saw your parents?
Kid: (pointed at one of the boutiques nearby)
Me: Okay, let's go in there and check just in case your mummy's tryin' on some clothes..

And there the mummy was, at the fitting room.
She wiped the tears from her son.
Me: So everything's ok right..?
And the mom thanked me.

So there..
While I continued walking to the store, I wondered, how can those bunches of people just stood and stare at the crying boy.
He was just a kid, harmless.
And it was obvious that he was lost.
Why was it so hard for them to asked him what's wrong and all.

Why can't they just put themselves in the kid's shoe, or the parents?

People nowadays are getting weirder to weirdest.

No la,.
I've been there okay.
I mean, I got lost in a mall when I was like 7 or 8 years old.
That time was the launching day of Mahkota Parade, and there were people performing dances and all.
And I got excited and ran away from my fam and I lost them!
And I cried, while wandering around in search for mom, dad and my sis.
Until a Chinese fam saw me, and did the same thing I did to the boy I guess.
While walking with them, we bumped into my fam.
The Chinese lady even asked me for confirmation if I really knew them (my fam).
Yeah dad laughed at me.
I think I looked so cute that time.
Wearing a colourful striped polo T's and a pair of khakis short.
Yerrrr.. Gua ingat!!

Ok dah enough of the missing boy..
I miss you, LOVE!
Hahaha tiba2.

Tadi kerja full, esok diberi kerja morning.
I love you more lah Mr Manager.


Ms Chaya said...

weird characters these one malaysians. Maybe they have super powers. stop and stare. *Poof!* problems solved.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

true datttttttttt!!! hahahah