Tuesday, August 4, 2009


* wa tak pernah rasa ini maciammm worrrrr*

Hahahahah.. Seriously.
It's all so beautiful.
He makes me feel beautiful and appreciated.

Now I know what it feels like having someone waiting for your lunch break time just to spend 1 hour with you.
Kuasa Tuhan, : "miracle happens.."

Sampai one of my colleague asked me, "I seriously wanna see the guy!"
And when I asked her why, she simply said this, "Yea la I nak tengok siapa orang yang buat kawan I ni happy sangat.."
Awhhh.. :)

And today, I danced at the store.. :)
I smiled...
I sang......

No hopes.
No promises.
But God, thank you for sending him to me.
The pain is ALL GONE.

Now I can seriously wake up every morning with a smile.
And close my eyes with a smile..

Can't wait to see him again.
Eventhough I'm always blushing. Lol.

nite everybody!!!

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