Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Sunday, August 30, 2009


If you wanna lie, be smart enough to lie.
Don't trip too fast.
You gonna get yourself busted with your own stupid moves, idiot.

Just like how you came to me when you found out that I've been talking to one of your victims.
Why, lover boy?
I'm so sure that you're afraid that I might tell her what you told me, and she'll be doing the same, and we'll figure out how unreal you are?
And why do u came all nice at first and then you got pissed when I didn't replied your message asking me why was I talking to her?
You made your own conclusions.
Which ended up to be true.
Now I know, and now she knows.

But still..
You're so damn good at twists and turns.
You can always cover up your dirts, got your victims still sticking around you.
It's not like I've never been there and done that.
And this is not the first time I remind you; the world won't be revolving around you forever.
Luck won't be on your side every single second.
Bare that in mind.
I believe you're not that dumb.
Or maybe, God has returned the favor.
After calling me 'bodoh', 'bebal' and etc etc for numerous of times, they might turned out into some sorta curse on you.

I told you, my life here ain't as easy as you think.

My current love?
We don't text each other all the time like what I used to do with you.
We don't call each other up just to check if we had our meals or anything.
And it's weird when I actually feel happier, and some feelings that I never thought existed.

Ah be gone.
Just be gone.

p/s: go ahead bitching around about me. but talkin about my bf makes you look more pathetic, u know? because I tend to think that bitching on someone you don't even know is a stupid thing to do. you're just making a fool out of yourself, fool. I'm not defending my bf or anything, but who the hell are you? Good or bad he is, did he ever asked you for money? Stop looking for troubles man. Especially when you're not even thru with me yet.

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