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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And the world comes crashing on her shoulder again..

I was feeling so down.
No, releasing some stuffs that I intended to purchase from the store is not such a big deal.
Since I've already made it clear to myself, that I need to learn to avoid myself from being a shopaholic.
And I don't care how much I'm still in love with that black dress eversince it first arrived and how I was willing to get the M size which is the smallest left. I grabbed it calmly from the RESERVATION rack, and put it back on sale. And I chose not to look at it everytime I passed by the rack. See how strong I am. :)

It's just that, some people must be feeling disappointed with me. Especially my dad. Since I promised to pay for my car. And procrastination has always been my biggest self issue. I hate it! And I hate it when I can't control myself from it. And as I've thought so, it leads to worst and worst issues.

Now that I've decided not to get anything for myself with my coming salary, except for petrol, food and all (not clothes, shoes,etc), I actually think that I've made quite a wise decision.
Eventhough I actually have to get a new pair of shoes for work, I managed to find a place which sells cute, CHEAP flats!! Not just affordable, but CHEAP!! Who cares. I don't need no Manolo. Lol tiba tiba.


I won't say that I enjoyed being broke all the time eversince I'm here. But, there's this weird feeling you know. I don't think I was good at being thankful and appreciate things and money before. Like what my mom and dad used to tell me, "It's because, none of the things were purchased by your own money.."
People fulfill my needs. Even those unnecessary ones.

Now, I believe the sayings; Cari duit bukan senang... Habis kan, memang sangat senang..


I'm crawling......
one very fine day, I'll managed to stand on my feet and run.
.......................... maybe even faster than you. =)

Psycho'ing it is, then...
Sorry. But when it comes to Sabrina, smiles don't usually last long. People who bring smiles to her, won't last long.. Maybe she's cursed? :)

I'm complicated then.
My situations are super hard for you to cope with then.
I have nothing much to offer, but ONE very strong feeling that people nowadays tend to neglect.


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

...and that one last feeling I would like to receive.

Rubina Yunal said...


You should feel proud of urself sis. Bukan semua org boleh decide to abstain themselves from the urges like these n stick to it.

I salute you. Keep it up and stay strong ok?

p/s: For the past year since I run 25R on my own, I've managed to abstain myself from buying clothes, shoes even good food unless necessary. And today I've lost 4kgs (I was 62kg before, now 58kg) thanks to the breakfast and lunch skipping habit to save money. When I got a little smaller, I sold off my bigger preloved clothes. The money I got, I used them to add up new stocks for my blogshop and that generates a little more money for me to survive everyday. Plus, at least now I have acceptable reasons to shop for new clothes :P hihi.

See how being broke improve our lives - it's like a blessing in disguise. Turst me on this one.

Take care and happy fasting!

Sish Nina