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Sunday, August 16, 2009

And I miss...

Yeah you spoiled me.
You used to come meet me and accompanied me during my break time and treat me for lunch and dinners and all.
And I hate it when you said NO to my money!
Yes I know my salary is way too little compare to yours, but we need Gives & Takes okay babe.

You bought me my first Dooodoll, and I don't even know what to give you in return.
Since all I have is love.


New Zealand Naturals.
I'm so gonna treat you for some icecreams with my coming salary.

Sounds lame.

I wish I could treat you at Tony Roma's like what you did.
Takpe, ada ubi ada batas.

Wa dendam sama lu sebab bayar kan our dinner.
Even my sis and her bf tak puas hati sama lu tau mat rempit!


Nah i love you.

And I'm super nuts.

I blame YOU.

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