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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Toskin Busuk Di Dalam Kepala Otak.

First of, *toskin yang dimaksudkan pada Title adalah stokin sebenarnya.
Dan sebenarnya it was nothing actually but something snapped me back into reality and made me realise about some people around me yang kepala otak nya tak berapa nak sihat dan jahat dan zalim dan kejam sangat dan bertindak tanpa sedikit hati perut pun tanpa memikirkan kebajikan insan lain. Hahaha.. Cewah cewah kan..
Regarding apa?

Hehe.. Tiba tiba macam nak berahsia. Walaupun sekarang I'm free and I don't have to think about some people who used to tell me to cover this and that from my blog and keep telling me what to do,"you don't have to blog about everything.. especially when people started to sympathized you.." Hello, I owned this blog and I don't seem to see any reasonable excuse for me to abide by your rules, especially when you're not even blood related with me. So it wasn't at all about making it a so-called rahsia anyways. It's just that, I guess those stuffs up there were meant to be told half way kot. Lol.

Oh by the way, I've finally made up my mind and decided to resign from Topshop and start working back in KLIA. Maybe in a different store. Yes everybody's wondering why didn't I just continue my studies, or at least use my diploma for a better job, which is not retail;
just shut it. Hehe. Everything happens for a reason and I've got mine which is not for everyone to know lah.
It's just that, I might feel alot better being close with mom and my sis. And closer to my dad and my family in Melaka. I'll be staying in Nilai, in the center. So I can just drive down to Melaka or KL whenever I feel like.

I'm at Lisz's place right now. My car is in Melaka, dad's taking care of it I guess. Hehe.. Moreover my aunt will be going to South Africa for a week. No choice, gotta crash here for the meantime. Dealing with a lil hard time before my resignation. I'm just fine with it. Experience. Lessons. :)

My eyebags are getting worst!! Mom even said I look like a drug addict! Sheesh mom.. I was depressed!!! WAS.. With an 'ed'. Yup, so what's past is past. Look at me now, I managed to smile sincerely already. I'm now enjoying every second of my life without looking back no more.
Oh how time flies.

On hometown, oh only God knows how much I miss Melaka and my people there!! Good to know that they're always there for me.

Haven't got the time to catch up with some of the people here in KL. Money counts okay. I need money to lepak. Lol. So I'm waiting for my pay day and meet some people before I actually resign and stay in Nilai. I even promised someone for a treat at Desa Park City's New Zealand Natural's. Lol.

Oh God look at the time! 1.17am! I'm working morning shift tomorrow and I hate the fact that I actually have to wake up so damn early!! I need a long peaceful sleep!! Can't wait till my off day on Thursday! I'm so gonna snore the night away till noon. Hahaha.

Oh tomorrow's bad!! Lisz will be working full. So I've to wait for her from 6.30pm till 10pm worrr.. So anyone nice enough to teman me? Hehe.. Come meet me, I might be surfing the net at the spot where they provide some sofa's for you to sit and surf the net- right behind Theobroma choc lounge.

Ah gnight! My smelly welly pillow's callin!! *smooches*

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