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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

After so long.. Hee

I miss Melakaaa..
I hate this place!
More over after coming back from Sarawak, after three whole days of fun!!
Tiba2 kena get back to reality!
Kerja!! Kerja!! Kerja!!!

Okay whatever it is, I had so much fun in Sarawak!
Eventhough we only went to the Rainforest Music Festival on the 2nd night.
But it was worth it!

Going to Ejan's house by taking a sampan, 50 sen only worrr..

To my biggest surprise, I got fooled by the outer look of this mall called Tun Jugah, when they actually have a boutique that sells lotsss of OnitsukaTigersssss!!!
Best worrr...

Rainforest: Mud party!! hahaha.. Main lumpur. I got so mesmerized by the performance of a kelantan traditional song or something sang by this lady. Complete with the traditional outfit and all.. Sampai I got goosebumps okay listening to her voice.

Borong kek lapis Sarawak..
We took some photos at the Damai Santubong beach..
At the Kuching waterfront..
And the mall called the Spring.. Kalah mall di Melaka. Ada Charles & Keith la M.A.C lah apa lah.. I mean Melaka belum ada la.. Hee.
Nak pindah Kuching la!

Ok la. Tu je. hehe.
I miss all of you people!


-en.sani- said...

dah rindu...jom ar turun mlaka mgu ni...hahahah~xkan nk tgu sampaia de tournament pertandingan congkak antara negeri baru ko turun?

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

hahahhaha.. bodo je.. jom futsal!! hahah. jom lepak studio!!! jom dawooooddd.. huwaaaaaaaaaaa....!!~

-en.sani- said...

hahahah~jomm....aku esok nak pindah toronto kanada...sebab aku dpt tau,sane pon ade masak asam!!hahahahahah!!!