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Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Day

I was 15mins late this morning!
Reached the shop at almost 8.15am.
Thank goodness the stock take started at 8.30am.
I managed to learn how to do it.
Lisz scanned the items, I counted them over and over again to avoid doing mistakes but unfortunately I did one.
But luckily I only wrote one of the amounts wrongly.
So we don't have to re-scan everything all over again.

I liked most of my colleagues.
A couple of them are Sabahans+Philippinos and I learnt the word 'nanang'..
So cute..
We even called each other 'Nanggg'..
It sounded so manja..

Today I was awarded with blisters on my baby foot-fingers!
The small one, the last finger.
I don't know what to call em so I simply named them 'baby fingers'.

On Wednesday, there'll be another stock take.
Hope I could still recall how to do it since I could easily forget stuffs nowadays.
Or maybe all this while.
And yes, I have to wake up early again.
But we're planning to crash over at another colleague's place or maybe I'll crash at Lisz's.
So she could kick my ass to wake me up.
Since she's been saying that I have problems with time management.

On other stuffs, I can't wait to get my new shoes!
HE said he might be getting me a pair of Crocs' pump shoes since my uncle will get me the high cut sneakers.

I'm getting a pair of Topman's shades!
I know.
I'm a big tyme spender.
But seriously.
I'm working on it.
I mean.
Changing. Into a better person.
Cut down my shopping list.

Laters ppl!

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