Sabrina - Vee Zalani

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Actually I've already reserved one of these babies at the 1U's Reebok's.
I was eyeing the New York's one that I didn't notice the others.
I wish I could get the first one on the pic!
Dang it!
Tomorrow, tomorrow..
And the shades too.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Day

I was 15mins late this morning!
Reached the shop at almost 8.15am.
Thank goodness the stock take started at 8.30am.
I managed to learn how to do it.
Lisz scanned the items, I counted them over and over again to avoid doing mistakes but unfortunately I did one.
But luckily I only wrote one of the amounts wrongly.
So we don't have to re-scan everything all over again.

I liked most of my colleagues.
A couple of them are Sabahans+Philippinos and I learnt the word 'nanang'..
So cute..
We even called each other 'Nanggg'..
It sounded so manja..

Today I was awarded with blisters on my baby foot-fingers!
The small one, the last finger.
I don't know what to call em so I simply named them 'baby fingers'.

On Wednesday, there'll be another stock take.
Hope I could still recall how to do it since I could easily forget stuffs nowadays.
Or maybe all this while.
And yes, I have to wake up early again.
But we're planning to crash over at another colleague's place or maybe I'll crash at Lisz's.
So she could kick my ass to wake me up.
Since she's been saying that I have problems with time management.

On other stuffs, I can't wait to get my new shoes!
HE said he might be getting me a pair of Crocs' pump shoes since my uncle will get me the high cut sneakers.

I'm getting a pair of Topman's shades!
I know.
I'm a big tyme spender.
But seriously.
I'm working on it.
I mean.
Changing. Into a better person.
Cut down my shopping list.

Laters ppl!


Yah it's been quite long ey..
I've been around.
Been working for almost a week already.
Getting myself used to get my ass off the bed in the morning.
Even when it's afternoon shift, I don't feel like I had enough sleep.
Felt like naps to me.
Tomorrow will be another day.
But I gotta be at work at 8AM SHARP for the stock take.
I've to be the assistant to my senior, which is one of my gffs.

I've been handling the fitting room lately and it was tiring at the same time worthed it.
Because I was so busy that I got to control myself from keep on checking out the time.
I kept myself busy until my colleagues told me that it was almost time to closing.
And I'll feel relieved.
My foot hurts.
Gonna get a pair of new shoes.
HE told me to get them.
He said he gonna pay for it but my uncle insisted for him to keep his money as I'm now under my aunt and uncle's responsibilities.
I know I'm indeed a spoiled brat, still.
But I also believe that this will go on for the meantime only.
Because I've promised myself to learn to become an independent woman.
I'll make it, I'll manage to get thru this on my own sooner.

Him, yes he's around.
Nothing much to tell.
Coz the love never fades away.
I love you.
But if God has written that you won't be mine and we'll have to separate, what more can I say or do..
I'm here, holding on to my faith and prayers.
Going with the flow.
That's what I'm doing.
Yes there are so many obstacles popping around here and there for us.
But God is great, don't u think so?
And he's fair. Always been fair.
You told me the same thing too.
Believe in Him, and everything will be under control.

By the way..
Yah I do miss my hometown alot!
Not the place, but the people.
My friends!
I been calling them and we cried together you know!
We're missing each other alot!
My dad my sis, my grannies, cousins and relatives!
Can't wait till I come back home!

I miss you people!

Friday, May 15, 2009


And she rise again...
That one very particular feeling gets lesser as days passed by...

I'm still on the love boat, no doubt.
Been on it for 7 years already and it feels like forever.
Never lose the love feeling for him.
Not afraid to say that he has always been there for me.
Always been here actually.
Right beside me.
F is the man I love.
And he's too good to be true in my eyes.
God sent me an angel, and he's the only angel that can heal my pain and share my laughter.
"every rainy days has its benefits.."
And I truly believe in that.
God has a plan, He's working on it.
But I'm already happy enough, Dear God.
Your power was never a doubt to me.

After all the pain, you sent me such happiness.
Thank You, I can never thank You enough.
Syukur Alhamdulillah.

You test my strength.
From crawling in pain, I stood up and rise again with a big proud smile on my face.
I always knew I can get thru all those mess.
I've been thru alot.
And so I believe I've learnt alot too.

Monday, May 11, 2009

And the sun shines again..

God is great..

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Goodbye hometown people.
Pray for me.