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Saturday, April 4, 2009


I'm in KL, still, obviously since my convocation is like 10 hours to go.

Went to the rehearsal just now and I can already feel the nervousness and all.
Eventhough my friends were there with me but imagining tomorrow we will be sitting according our courses and I didn't see any of my course mate just now make me feel hella shitty.
I mean, who the hell will be sitting with me tomorrow.
And we can't talk during the ceremony.
Ah wish me luck!

Last night, I went out with this friend of mine.
Known him for quite some time already but last night was the first time we met.
It was so nice being with him.
A very nice friend to talk to.
Made me laugh a lot!

And right at this second, he's sleeping!!!

Last night was great!
First he fetched me and we went to Chili's. He wanted to treat me for dinner but unfortunately I can't eat.
Haha. So I just had a glass of grapeade.
Then we went back to my aunt's place, fetched my sister and we sat at the poolside, talking and all..
Him with his jokes, my sis with her stories, it was such a great time la I dont know why eventhough we only sat at the poolside for just half an hour.

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Pen Hilang said...

congratulations on your convo babe!