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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For real

Hey there everyone.
Sorry for the so-called depressing 'grieve session' posts down there.
But I'm back, stronger and ready to face the world.

Sometimes, no matter how we hate this part of breakups, feeling so down and all, it's good to know that we have some other people who still care for us.
People who will keep telling us to keep our heads up.
People who will keep telling us that all this sadness, depressions will bring us closer to God.

And then, the best part is when we ourselves start to realise everything, and think more on the brighter side.

As for me, I have my own goals to achieve.
Let it be, it will all fade away and it's just the matter of time.

And yes, we brokeup.
And yes, I am single- and not available.
It's time to go for my goals rather than think so much about love.
When it comes, it comes.
I'm now standing tall on my own and I'm ready to face anything to stand up for myself, MYSELF.


See, now I know..
Now I know, heartbreaks don't just make us suffer.
I'm being thankful, and feel so strong.


Ola!! said...

congrats ya dear
bcuz u manage to handle ur prob^^

keep ur heads up n never look down

p.s.single itu hawt


Alvin Lim said...

lets go out for a date.
*blinking eyes*

azwin khairuddin said...

know what. i always bare in mind that everything happens for reasons. and thinking that saying it and feeling it is not equal, i tend to tell myself that i don't need to cry over it so much. i should've smile because it happens to me. betul la u ckp. think positive. but hell, it's wayy harder than saying it rite? hope everything's fine for u. yes! let time cure the pain. ;)

Bubbly said...

i hate knowing people i like break up... =(

keep on smiling k? you are one strong girl!

Rubina Yunal said...


I'm glad u feel and think this way. Always remember that the key step to maturity is to rationalise first before 'emotionalise'.

I'm sure you're gonna be just fine with your life, because you've dealth with serious bunch of craps before and still manage to make it in one piece today. If you can beat that, I have no doubt that you can beat this too!

Chin up, sis. Better days ahead. Everybody 'here' loves you to pieces and that's a fact :)

Take care.

Sish Nina

p/s: sorry sgt, smlm masa kita chatting tu terlama plak orang menyinggah kat studio. Halau kang kata tak berbudi bahasa plak hehehe..

nea said...

veee!! again??? for real??
i dont know if i should feel sorry or happy for you.
anyway... kau kan akan convo!!!! reallly happy for u..and u should be too!

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Ola: Awh thanks alot. Experiences taught me so much. :)

Alvin: haha sampat!!! ask Kak Nor first!!! :P

Azwin: True. It's not as simple as saying it. But from what I just go thru, it hurts and i cried. But as days go by, it fades away, little by little. And all I can say is, Alhamdulillah. "Tuhan takkan menguji kita dgn dugaan yg kita x mampu hadapi. Sebab Dia lebih tahu kemampuan diri kita. Apa je dugaan yg dtg, yg kita rasa susah, susah, susah, sbnrnya kita mampu tempuh.." :) Btw thanks ye :)

Sabrina: Awwh.. :) But I learnt so much. And I truly believe on this quote, "every rainy days has its benefits." So, u shud be happy for me because I know now that I'm stronger. :)

Sis Nina ku Syg: I love all the responses I received for this post. :) not that Im an attention seeker, but here's what I do for my blog. Tell readers some of the stories of my life that can be told. :) atleast this way, I know that I got all of u. I love y'all too. :)

Nea: Yes, AGAIN. And for the last time :) Dont worry hey. trust me, when u meet me, im sure u'll b happy as I am. You'll see the stronger part of me that uve nvr seen before. :)

TO ALL: Thanks alot for the support and encouragements. God knows how much I appreciate them all. No worries, I'm all smiles now. :P~

Anonymous said...

i smiled when i read this..