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Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Update.

I'm okay.
Not staying at home anymore.
Me and him both trying to figure out for a solution.
Met him quite often now.
No hopes.
Take care people.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Di mana kah mangkuk yang mengajak saya menonton Fast and Furious iniiiii..
Cineleisure sudah memanggil.
Anda di mana oi.


I'm in KL, still, obviously since my convocation is like 10 hours to go.

Went to the rehearsal just now and I can already feel the nervousness and all.
Eventhough my friends were there with me but imagining tomorrow we will be sitting according our courses and I didn't see any of my course mate just now make me feel hella shitty.
I mean, who the hell will be sitting with me tomorrow.
And we can't talk during the ceremony.
Ah wish me luck!

Last night, I went out with this friend of mine.
Known him for quite some time already but last night was the first time we met.
It was so nice being with him.
A very nice friend to talk to.
Made me laugh a lot!

And right at this second, he's sleeping!!!

Last night was great!
First he fetched me and we went to Chili's. He wanted to treat me for dinner but unfortunately I can't eat.
Haha. So I just had a glass of grapeade.
Then we went back to my aunt's place, fetched my sister and we sat at the poolside, talking and all..
Him with his jokes, my sis with her stories, it was such a great time la I dont know why eventhough we only sat at the poolside for just half an hour.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sunday mayday


I have to get ready and head to Wisma Sachdev to pick up my convocation robe and bla bla whatever.
And tomorrow will be the rehearsal.
And then comes Sunday.
The so-called big day??

Wekkk tak takut pun.

Haha haha haha

Bye lovely people! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For real

Hey there everyone.
Sorry for the so-called depressing 'grieve session' posts down there.
But I'm back, stronger and ready to face the world.

Sometimes, no matter how we hate this part of breakups, feeling so down and all, it's good to know that we have some other people who still care for us.
People who will keep telling us to keep our heads up.
People who will keep telling us that all this sadness, depressions will bring us closer to God.

And then, the best part is when we ourselves start to realise everything, and think more on the brighter side.

As for me, I have my own goals to achieve.
Let it be, it will all fade away and it's just the matter of time.

And yes, we brokeup.
And yes, I am single- and not available.
It's time to go for my goals rather than think so much about love.
When it comes, it comes.
I'm now standing tall on my own and I'm ready to face anything to stand up for myself, MYSELF.


See, now I know..
Now I know, heartbreaks don't just make us suffer.
I'm being thankful, and feel so strong.

Moving On

Ada hidup sendiri, teruskan..
Apayang jadi,kuasa Tuhan...