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Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'll be graduating.
I mean.
I've finished college.
Will be having the convocation at PWTC early next month.
But, I am not very sure why am I not too pleased with the news.
I won't be going for the convocation.
Ah who cares.
No one did.
So what lah kan.

Sheeesh I'm pretty damn bored.
"Welcome to the real world, Sabrina."
A friend said this to me 2 days ago after we received the convocation news and all.
He meant to say about what will happen to me next.
Kinda freaked me out a lil.

I am looking oh-so-forward to get out from this hometown of mine.
I guess it's time for me to learn to be independent.
I've been here long enough.
And time flies so fast that I'm reaching 22 somewhere end of this year.

Feels like yesterday, just yesterday, dad made me and my sis sat on the floor, checked our fingernails, kissed us on both cheeks and foreheads before he went outstation or his badminton matches.
Feels like yesterday, I just bullied the fat boy.
Feels like yesterday, Atok took me on a ride with his motorbike.
Feels like yesterday, I shouted for my grandmum just to make sure that she's guarding outside the bathroom while I took my shower.
Feels like yesterday, I've been scolded by Mrs Ee for not completing my Maths homeworks.

I'm old.
But still, it's still a long journey to go.

The day that I'll be bidding my hometown goodbye might just be around the corner.
And then, comes the main part of the story.
Dealing with my OWN life.
Having my ownself to depend on.

Why in the world did I decided to post this.
Haha whatever.
And P/S: I'm kinda, not in the right state of mind.


Rubina Yunal said...

you've worked hard for this, so be happy :) you deserve it.

p/s : I might be wrong, but I can say that it's just another phase in life and you WILL get thru this in one piece.

Peace :)

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Sigh, thanks sis.
For crackin a lil smile on my face.

M just kinda lost for now.