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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recent Update.

I am hoping so much that I'll get to graduate in April!!!
God, please!!!
I've been longing for so long til that very fine day comes!

On daily updates, I've been quite busy yesterday and lately kot.
Making cupcakes, delivering them and all.

Yesterday, me my sis and Shikin attended one of my ex-schoolmate's wedding ceremony.
Then, we rushed back home and pick up the cupcakes I made for Shac who's in Melaka for X Gig yesterday.
He told me earlier that he wanted to take some pics with me and I was like, I don't mind but I'll be wearing baju kurung la. Haha.
So all 3 of us dropped by Aloha to meet him.
Quite a crowd. I mean, as I can see from outside, and even Shac said there were already alot of people inside.
So I just passed him his cupcakes, and then we took some photos from his camera, and mine.
Then we made our moves.
Shac insisted us to go inside atleast for awhile but we had to say no because we have some other things to do.
I saw some people staring at us. Even if I actually intended to go inside, what's the problem? Wearing baju kurung?

After that, we delivered Effa's cupcakes and then we went to our uncle's place and met Aleiah and Arief. Babiesss yummiesss.. Hee..


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