Monday, March 16, 2009

Insomnia Attack Returs

Yesterday, me and my sis were supposedly to bake some cupcakes that Finaz, our friend ordered for her niece's birthday.

Since we've been out and about almost the whole day, we ended up baking at almost 12 am, and with the tiredness, sleepiness and all, we finished at 4am. And we weren't so happy with our cakes and decided to call it a disaster.

We've also learnt that to come with better looking cakes, we need some real leisure-like time with free and relaxed minds.
And here, are the disaster cupcakes.

Well, me, I've been ok. Trying to figure out what to do next, still.
And I'm also trying to heal my insomnia.
I'm still trying.
Sometimes, I tried to set the earliest time for me to sleep.
Like, I'll tell myself to sleep latest by 12.30am.
But as the clock striked 12.30am, I seriously can't shut my eyes!
I mean I can, but just shutting them won't make me fall asleep and it irritated me, big tyme okay!!!!
I want to be a morning person!
I want to train myself to sleep early, wake up early, lead a normal healthy life!
So it's 1.24am now.
Okay I might get to crash if shut this notebook down.
Nighties people.


Cik.keril said...

wohooo!!! cupicakes (sila sebut dlm bahasa melayu kerna aku suke itu) hee. vee, ini hanya idea aku ok. cuba design segar sket. aku terperasan konsep yg agak sama. emm? kita kan graphic studet yg terer2. kekekeke! btw, gudeluk dalam bisenes kau ye. yey!

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

haha.. tuh la cite nye. kalau kepala gua tak segar, jadinya semua pun x segar!! apa kata ko dtg uma aku n jadi designer cake? aha! kita buat dinosaurssssss.. wheee

Cik.keril said...

haih. maaf, skali lagi aku post kt sini. haha!
btw, nk dtg umah ko mungkin/memang tak sempat kot. takpe2, nanti aku design bg ko jgpeg. hee. dinowears! ;p

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

k gak tu, jap yg ko maksud kan ni projek ko tu ke, or ko nk bg aku design dinosawusss utk kek?? heheee... if nak bg aku, bg yg 'paling comel' dan mcm basic punya pattern. i mean x complicated laaa