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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

march 24th


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tak boleh!

Hari ini sangat sucks!
Since the 20th haritu!
Demam yang paling teruk pernah saya lalui!!
Sangat sakittt....

Tak boleh makan!
Ya Allah....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yes, how stupid have I been kan when I said no one cares about me graduating and all.
I've been foolish!!
I should be thankful, and I should not expect people to treat me or act like they're so happy that I've finally graduated.

I am looking forward for that day to come.
Eventhough I'm feeling all nervous already.
You know, getting up on stage, all by myself and all.
With everyone watching.

But, that's sorta my big day kan.
And with mom and dad watching me as well.

Man, I can sense that it will be such a nice feeling kan.
Let's hope for the day to turn out fine for everybody.


Night everyone.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Insomnia Attack Returs

Yesterday, me and my sis were supposedly to bake some cupcakes that Finaz, our friend ordered for her niece's birthday.

Since we've been out and about almost the whole day, we ended up baking at almost 12 am, and with the tiredness, sleepiness and all, we finished at 4am. And we weren't so happy with our cakes and decided to call it a disaster.

We've also learnt that to come with better looking cakes, we need some real leisure-like time with free and relaxed minds.
And here, are the disaster cupcakes.

Well, me, I've been ok. Trying to figure out what to do next, still.
And I'm also trying to heal my insomnia.
I'm still trying.
Sometimes, I tried to set the earliest time for me to sleep.
Like, I'll tell myself to sleep latest by 12.30am.
But as the clock striked 12.30am, I seriously can't shut my eyes!
I mean I can, but just shutting them won't make me fall asleep and it irritated me, big tyme okay!!!!
I want to be a morning person!
I want to train myself to sleep early, wake up early, lead a normal healthy life!
So it's 1.24am now.
Okay I might get to crash if shut this notebook down.
Nighties people.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'll be graduating.
I mean.
I've finished college.
Will be having the convocation at PWTC early next month.
But, I am not very sure why am I not too pleased with the news.
I won't be going for the convocation.
Ah who cares.
No one did.
So what lah kan.

Sheeesh I'm pretty damn bored.
"Welcome to the real world, Sabrina."
A friend said this to me 2 days ago after we received the convocation news and all.
He meant to say about what will happen to me next.
Kinda freaked me out a lil.

I am looking oh-so-forward to get out from this hometown of mine.
I guess it's time for me to learn to be independent.
I've been here long enough.
And time flies so fast that I'm reaching 22 somewhere end of this year.

Feels like yesterday, just yesterday, dad made me and my sis sat on the floor, checked our fingernails, kissed us on both cheeks and foreheads before he went outstation or his badminton matches.
Feels like yesterday, I just bullied the fat boy.
Feels like yesterday, Atok took me on a ride with his motorbike.
Feels like yesterday, I shouted for my grandmum just to make sure that she's guarding outside the bathroom while I took my shower.
Feels like yesterday, I've been scolded by Mrs Ee for not completing my Maths homeworks.

I'm old.
But still, it's still a long journey to go.

The day that I'll be bidding my hometown goodbye might just be around the corner.
And then, comes the main part of the story.
Dealing with my OWN life.
Having my ownself to depend on.

Why in the world did I decided to post this.
Haha whatever.
And P/S: I'm kinda, not in the right state of mind.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tak faham tak faham tak faham
Apa lah binatang sangat dok pergi serang orang kat Sri Lanka yang tengah menyambut Maulidur Rasul.
Binatang mana yang betul besar sial tu.
Nak serang 6 menteri tu, ko main redah aje.
Yang 14 org tu paling menteri plak kan?
Apa je dosa 14 arwah tu kat kau bodoh?!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recent Update.

I am hoping so much that I'll get to graduate in April!!!
God, please!!!
I've been longing for so long til that very fine day comes!

On daily updates, I've been quite busy yesterday and lately kot.
Making cupcakes, delivering them and all.

Yesterday, me my sis and Shikin attended one of my ex-schoolmate's wedding ceremony.
Then, we rushed back home and pick up the cupcakes I made for Shac who's in Melaka for X Gig yesterday.
He told me earlier that he wanted to take some pics with me and I was like, I don't mind but I'll be wearing baju kurung la. Haha.
So all 3 of us dropped by Aloha to meet him.
Quite a crowd. I mean, as I can see from outside, and even Shac said there were already alot of people inside.
So I just passed him his cupcakes, and then we took some photos from his camera, and mine.
Then we made our moves.
Shac insisted us to go inside atleast for awhile but we had to say no because we have some other things to do.
I saw some people staring at us. Even if I actually intended to go inside, what's the problem? Wearing baju kurung?

After that, we delivered Effa's cupcakes and then we went to our uncle's place and met Aleiah and Arief. Babiesss yummiesss.. Hee..


Saturday, March 7, 2009