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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Greetings everybody..

I'm in KL now.
Yeah, all of a sudden, out of the blue.
Actually me and my sis have been planning earlier to visit my aunt.
Our uncle has gone back to India for a few days.
So we thought of accompanying her and her bibik.

So we took the bus at 2pm, arrived in KL at 4pm, then we took the train from Pasar Seni to Kelana Jaya, and as we arrived at the last station, Makngah was already waiting for us. We were so glad when we saw her as we were all exhausted, thirsty, hot and all.

I got all relieved when I first stepped into her car.

Then Makngah took us to Giant to get some baking and cooking stuffs.
I will be baking some cuppies for my friends tomorrow.
And my sis will be cooking carbonara for dinner tonight.

My aunt even bought us a muffin tray!!!
Yah I know, she's the coolest!
And she was also the one who gave me my new phone, my laptop, etc etc.
Don't get me wrong okay, it's not that she's cool just because she's been giving me stuffs and all.
She has always been there for us..
I dont know how to say it but we just super love her!!!!!

Hahaha thats all.
See y'all laterrrr~

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