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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Star Gazer.

I was just reading this month's Cleo magazine's horoscope and this is what it says;


work hard Authority figures will be willing and able so asking for help will generate respect but procrastinate and you will miss opportunities.

play hard An unexpected surprise will do wonders for your confidence and going with a change of plan will bring wonderful social opportunities.

couples in love Hanging onto some weird idea of how things "should" be will bring tensions so do what feels right for you and your guy, and fiery passion will open up.

Tang procrastinate tuh, haaa...
Didn't I told you???
I am indeed, a big tyme procrastinator!!!
Okay okay, that's not something that I should be proud of, I'm not.
Ok gotta stop.


Oh by the way, I wanna wish one of my beloved besties;
Love you so damn much!!!

*waving goodbye*

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