Friday, February 6, 2009

Radio path apa bendaaaaa..

Great great, I'm having problems with my new phone.
It started like an hour ago.
All of a sudden, when I tried making calls, I got the three annoying beeping sounds and a message popped up saying Radio Path Unavailable.

And guess what, I tried googling for some solutions; -blackberry radio path unavailable-.
Yes quite a number of people faced the same issue before, some of them were mentioning on softwares, upgrading the OS, never verified by RIM, updating to, and I went bananas coz I don't understand what in the world were those. Though I know OS is something that has got to do with blackberry.

But hell I couldn't send SMS, and most of the times when I tried making calls, yes that annoying three beeps kept stressing me out!
It's not my fault, I know that after reading the blackberry forum and other people faced the problem before too.

I've tried taking out my sim and battery and put them back in and all, but it seemed not to work and I feel like crashing my head onto the wall already!

So what now?? Do I have to go to the service center??
Goshhh I'm not liking this. Seriously.



Ola said...

u have(with pressure!!) to go to service center..

u r facing the same prob as my cuzzy..

idk what in the world have she did to her phone till its working normally..haha

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

oh! oh! cpt nya ada org response! i baru nak delete this post sebab baru je settled!! i bukak sim and battery, biar in 5 mins kot. igt nak lama skit. but cannot tahan laaa.. lol.. then on, alhamdulillahhh!!!!
if tgk forum, mcm2 perkataan dorg sebut, software tu ini la, juling kepala i!! haha.. thanks babe

Ola said...

need not to mention..
hoho..nasib baek dpt solve prob
tu kn..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

ye la nasebbb baekkkkkk... hahaha.. if x nanges la saya 1 ke brp hari x dpt sms sms org. hee

nea said...

wah biler ko pki blackberry. besh x? aku x tuka2 hp lg since zaman bujang.

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

ngueh. so far so good. but since aku x bekerja lg n x reg post paid lg kan, blom dpt fully use it la. ada a few functions blom bleh guna. tenet tu sume. hee