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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me? Business???

Guess what, right now, me and my sis have already 4 people ordering our cupcakes!
It was not our intention to make it like some kinda business thingy, we did it for fun.
But, since we have not much things to do,we agreed!

The first customer, is a friend of mine.
In fact his cakes are now kept chilled in my refrigerator already, gonna be delivered tomorrow.
And the other 3 orders are for March.
One for a Chinese friend of mine who will be celebrating his belated Valentine's and give a surprise for his girlfriend whom he will be picking up from the airport.
One for a friend who will be celebrating her 1 year anniversary with her boyfriend.
And one for a friend who will be celebrating her niece's birthday.. ;P

Gosh, can't believe this is happening.
But it's been great though..
Oh anyways, here are some of the pictures of our latest cuppies.
Jemput makan semua.. ;P


Ola said...

waa..ur cuppies r getting better..

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

hehe.. sbb org dah start main order2 la macik. hehe.. thx anyways..

Rubina Yunal said...

looking good :)

this should be a really good start for you. at least tak berapa clueless lagi about your future/direction :D

wishing you all the best, adek!

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

hee thanks kakak... but tu la, seriously buat suka2 aje. never thought ppl will be askin for more sehhh..

hee, all the best to u too kakak ku..

nea said...

oii..sedapnye..comel gler menyelerakan...biler aku dpt rase? klu nak order atleast brape? xpon ko ajau aku buat pon xpe.