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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just a short update.

Hello everybodayhh!

Why am I so happy ey?
Coz since the first day I arrived here in KL, I've been treating my stomach and appetite oh so well!
Like I said, my aunt just love to spoil us!

I made cupcakes just now.
Made in KL, but the 'ornaments' aren't as much as I have at home. :)
I managed to grabbed the bottle of hearts, beads, and colorful chocolate rice only.
I didn't eat any of the cuppies yet.
It's not the issue actually.

But the second night here, Makngah took us to Tony Roma's for dinner.
And as usual, me, being the 'big eater with big belly' ordered cheeeeesy stuffs, and for the beefy thingy, I chose beef bacon. Yumminess kan!
We went back with our stomachs oh-so-full!!

And yesterday, all three of us went out to 1U to get some stuffs.
This time, we had our late lunch at Chili's.
And believe it or not, yes I ordered stuffs with cheeeeeesee again.
And my sis ordered her fav chocolate Molten for dessert.
I don't even dare to scale my weight!!
Not just that, after this 3 days, I've only touched my aunt's treadmill machine for ONCE and only ONCE!
After dinner Makngah wanted us to be her so-called fashion consultants!
She needed us to help her picked some clothes that suits her well to work and also for outdoor wear- since she has put on quite a lotta weight.
So we did. She can always count on us.. :)

Well, I might be going back tomorrow.
Safe journey, myself.

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