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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cuppies Night.

Last night, me and my sister decided to make half batch of cuppies just for trial and error before we make 1 batch for this coming Love Day- no I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. My intention is just to celebrate the love and not the real Valentine's Day- ok confusing, whatever. Lol.
So we've been beating the eggs, flour, castor sugar and etc etc with our hands. We did it turn by turn. Sangat tiring. It's easy actually I know, but we don't have the electric mixer and ended up whisking it with the whisk and then we switched it with some sorta wooden ladle that we actually used it for rice. Lol. It was easier than using the whisk you know.
After done baking the cakes, the fun times arrived- decorations!!
We make one for papa, and each of us had one cuppie for ourselves.
And just a few mins ago, I delivered some cuppies for my uncle, and then to 5 of my lecturers at college. They joked around saying that I was trying to bribe them. Lol. And I honestly said that was never my intention. It was my first time baking cakes for people, and I decided to share the excitement with them. Hee..
Boyfie didn't know I make them, I just said I was at home, making some cookies.. He wanted some but I said he sure will get some but not today. Lol.


c!km!stry said...


so cute lil cupcakes..
akak, xnak share resepi ke?..
berkenan ni!~..


Bubbly said...

walaupun decorations mcm ade bengot bengot sikit! it's ok!!

cube lagi!!! cube lagi!!!


Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Cik Mistry: W'salam.. hahaha.. Nak recipe? Subhanallah, that was my first time buat tu.
Google it, "simple cupcakes recipe".
Thats what I did! Lol~

Sabrina: Ha'ah la!!! Lol. Tu trial and error version.! Lol

Ola said...

look tasty...

share la recipe..^^

Modandi said...


Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

Ola: recipe nya ada di Google. Haha..

Thanks thanks semua