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Monday, February 2, 2009



My small fam. :) ...

And my big, Chinese fam... :DD
They were surfing the net for their next handbag collections while I was busy texting.
And that was me, mom and mom's mom. Hahaha



So as what been told earlier, I had dinner with my Chinese family.
It was supposed to start at 7pm sharp, but we're like 10minutes late.
As we reached Renaissance, the other family members were already waiting for us at the hotel's Chinese Restaurant...

The first dish was yee sang..
It was fun tossing the yee sang- for those who doesnt have any idea what it is, Yee Sang is actually a dish, that usually served during the Chinese New Year. It is basically a Chinese raw salad. And the action of tossing is known as Lo Hei which symbolizes increasing prosperity, abundance, and vigor.

The second one was the shark's fin soup. The best!! Oh God, heavenly! Everyone was eating it so fast from their bowls and keep scooping for more! Lol.
And then came the longevity noodles...
It symbolizes a long life. Tee hee..
By the time I finished my plate of noodles, I felt like giving up eating.
I thought I was almost full.

But then came the rice and a few other dishes; fried chicken, bean curds cooked with soy sauce, 2 kinds of fish, asparagus with fresh scallops, etc.
Yeah, I thought my cheongsam top's buttons would popped off!
I was so damn full.

After the people cleared the table, the cake was brought into the dining room.
For mom. Hehehe..
We thought of surprising her, but too bad, one of the hotel's staff asked my aunt when they should bring in the cake- right in front of my mom.
Kantoi le.

But it all went well..
We all sang her the birthday song, we took photos, we were so full, and we all had fun.

After the dinner, me, mom, my sis, my youngest aunt, cousins and grandmum went back to my aunties' place, they're living in the same condominium. The younger, Aunt Emily is in 2nd floor while the youngest, Aunt Bernie is staying at the 5th floor.
Aunt Emily went to the hospital with her husband, heard that she was suspected for chikugunya. But she even managed to joined us for dinner first.

And we all chilled at Aunt Bernie's place.
Had some cookies, kuaci, and oranges.
Desserts, I guess.

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