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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Aleiah Go Round and Round

Introducing, the non stop Aleiah Khadija go round

Lupa nak cakap, ini cousin saya. Heheee~

Friday, February 27, 2009

Short note.

Well, nothing much happened.
I'm a lil nervous thinking of the upcoming referral exam.
Kinda like my last hope.

Come to think of it, I'm actually feeling quite glad to know that I've passed my Final Project.
And I should be thankful for having been given a chance to sit for the referral exam rather than repeating the whole subject. Hee.

Now all I have to do is just to make sure that I will do my very best for the 2 papers.
Insya'Allah, I can do it..

Goodnight people..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's already been 3 days since I left KL.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the 'rich food' my aunt has been feeding me when I was there.
Eventhough I miss tony roma's and chili's, I'm kinda thankful that we don't have them in Melaka.
And now all I have to do is hit the gym that I've not visit for a week or so.
But I do miss the beef bacon ceasar salad from rasta.

By the wayyyy...
Last Saturday, I had so much fun!
Because I was at Bee's (one of my bestfriends) place in Seremban for her brother's wedding ceremony. All of my besties were there too..
Almost all, Awi couldn't make it. :(
Iejah, our ex classmate came..
And Lisz, Hanim, Acu, Zack..
It was more fun when they ate those cupcakes I made for them..
I was so glad they liked it.
Some of them had 2 pieces of cuppies but only the lucky ones got the strawberry flavoured ones because I couldn't identify which is vanilla and which is strawberry. But I knew there were only 5 strawberry flavoured cuppies. So the rest would be vanillas. I made for them 16 cuppies.
One was even fed to the bridegroom by the bride, since they celebrated Abang's birthday after the ceremony. I was proud to see one of my cuppies being quite a highlight! Lol.
Abang took one bite of the cuppy and then Kak Baby, one of Bee's aunts suddenly volunteered to hold the cuppy. Because she actually wanted to taste it. And she did, she even shared with Aunty Ar, Bee's other aunt. Hee.
Kak Baby said it tastes good and she told me to sell it online.
I keep on telling people that we actually never intended to sell them, until some friends ordered for some occasions.
So maybe it is indeed, some kinda small business for us.
My boyfie was there too.
But during the so-called photo session, he was sleeping upstairs at Bee's room.
And before he make his move from Melaka, he registered my number for post paid.
He paid the first bill.
He didn't said anything to me until he handed me the new sim card, and yes I'm still using the same number. :)

Overall, I just know that I had so much fun being around my besties!!
The 10 years, 8 years, 4 years, and 5 years of friendship we had that I cherish the most.
I'm just so happy that we still stick to each other until this very second.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just a short update.

Hello everybodayhh!

Why am I so happy ey?
Coz since the first day I arrived here in KL, I've been treating my stomach and appetite oh so well!
Like I said, my aunt just love to spoil us!

I made cupcakes just now.
Made in KL, but the 'ornaments' aren't as much as I have at home. :)
I managed to grabbed the bottle of hearts, beads, and colorful chocolate rice only.
I didn't eat any of the cuppies yet.
It's not the issue actually.

But the second night here, Makngah took us to Tony Roma's for dinner.
And as usual, me, being the 'big eater with big belly' ordered cheeeeesy stuffs, and for the beefy thingy, I chose beef bacon. Yumminess kan!
We went back with our stomachs oh-so-full!!

And yesterday, all three of us went out to 1U to get some stuffs.
This time, we had our late lunch at Chili's.
And believe it or not, yes I ordered stuffs with cheeeeeesee again.
And my sis ordered her fav chocolate Molten for dessert.
I don't even dare to scale my weight!!
Not just that, after this 3 days, I've only touched my aunt's treadmill machine for ONCE and only ONCE!
After dinner Makngah wanted us to be her so-called fashion consultants!
She needed us to help her picked some clothes that suits her well to work and also for outdoor wear- since she has put on quite a lotta weight.
So we did. She can always count on us.. :)

Well, I might be going back tomorrow.
Safe journey, myself.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Greetings everybody..

I'm in KL now.
Yeah, all of a sudden, out of the blue.
Actually me and my sis have been planning earlier to visit my aunt.
Our uncle has gone back to India for a few days.
So we thought of accompanying her and her bibik.

So we took the bus at 2pm, arrived in KL at 4pm, then we took the train from Pasar Seni to Kelana Jaya, and as we arrived at the last station, Makngah was already waiting for us. We were so glad when we saw her as we were all exhausted, thirsty, hot and all.

I got all relieved when I first stepped into her car.

Then Makngah took us to Giant to get some baking and cooking stuffs.
I will be baking some cuppies for my friends tomorrow.
And my sis will be cooking carbonara for dinner tonight.

My aunt even bought us a muffin tray!!!
Yah I know, she's the coolest!
And she was also the one who gave me my new phone, my laptop, etc etc.
Don't get me wrong okay, it's not that she's cool just because she's been giving me stuffs and all.
She has always been there for us..
I dont know how to say it but we just super love her!!!!!

Hahaha thats all.
See y'all laterrrr~

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1) Super friendly :) I still remember our first conversation when she called me. It's like we've known for a longer period of time. :)
2) Got to know her regarding this issue she had with someone I know.
3) A veryyy sweet friend/ girlfriend.
4) Loyal to her boyfriend and friends.
5) Very good blog writer who keeps me dropping by her blog page everytime, and fully read all her posts.. :D
6) She'll be a good wife and a good mother :)
7) A smart girl she is..
8) Straight forward
9) Unique in a weird way :)
10) Humble.

I'm tagging, anybody who's been following my blog, or drop by my blog and feels like doing this tag... :DD

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me? Business???

Guess what, right now, me and my sis have already 4 people ordering our cupcakes!
It was not our intention to make it like some kinda business thingy, we did it for fun.
But, since we have not much things to do,we agreed!

The first customer, is a friend of mine.
In fact his cakes are now kept chilled in my refrigerator already, gonna be delivered tomorrow.
And the other 3 orders are for March.
One for a Chinese friend of mine who will be celebrating his belated Valentine's and give a surprise for his girlfriend whom he will be picking up from the airport.
One for a friend who will be celebrating her 1 year anniversary with her boyfriend.
And one for a friend who will be celebrating her niece's birthday.. ;P

Gosh, can't believe this is happening.
But it's been great though..
Oh anyways, here are some of the pictures of our latest cuppies.
Jemput makan semua.. ;P

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I keep on posting on cupcakes recently huh? Lol.
Dah macam memang buat business ke apa pulak dah.. Sheesh..
Oh ok by the way, those cuppies were made for my boyfie.
Most people thought it was for Valentine's, and I kept explaining that I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, pls be noted :)

My dad has gone for a 3 days and 2 nights conference since Friday morning, and mom is here.
She'll be going back tomorrow.

Oh actually,...........

I have not much to tell. Hee.
Gnite everybodayhhhhh!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

2nd Batch of Cuppies

And these cuppies were specially made for my youngest uncle's birthday.
Me and my sis have made cuppies for 2 nights in a row.
And tonight or tomorrow will be making another, might be, last batch.
Our cuppies might not be as neat and presentable, unlike some of the cuppies you can get from other places, but what matters most is that we had a lottttt of fun making them!!
No matter how extra sweet the first batch was, or the icing top was too high or whatever, I can actually say that it was a blast!!
:DD Nighties peeps!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cuppies Night.

Last night, me and my sister decided to make half batch of cuppies just for trial and error before we make 1 batch for this coming Love Day- no I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. My intention is just to celebrate the love and not the real Valentine's Day- ok confusing, whatever. Lol.
So we've been beating the eggs, flour, castor sugar and etc etc with our hands. We did it turn by turn. Sangat tiring. It's easy actually I know, but we don't have the electric mixer and ended up whisking it with the whisk and then we switched it with some sorta wooden ladle that we actually used it for rice. Lol. It was easier than using the whisk you know.
After done baking the cakes, the fun times arrived- decorations!!
We make one for papa, and each of us had one cuppie for ourselves.
And just a few mins ago, I delivered some cuppies for my uncle, and then to 5 of my lecturers at college. They joked around saying that I was trying to bribe them. Lol. And I honestly said that was never my intention. It was my first time baking cakes for people, and I decided to share the excitement with them. Hee..
Boyfie didn't know I make them, I just said I was at home, making some cookies.. He wanted some but I said he sure will get some but not today. Lol.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dinding Itu Lah.

Dinding itu
Aku renung setelah sekian lama aku memendam
Menyimpan rasa perit
Sakit itu

Di dinding itu
Segenggam rambut ku kau cengkam kuat
Kau hentam kan kepala ku
Di dinding itu


Ya aku membilang
Setiap satu kali hentaman memukul bukan sahaja di kepala
Di segenap jiwa
Dan raga, takkan aku lupa

Biar saat aku mati
Takkan pernah aku lupakan
Kepala ini kau hentakkan
Di dinding itu

Dunia seakan bergegaran
Hampir aku rasa otak ku memecah
Hampir ku rasa darah akan berhamburan

Tidak cukup dengan gegaran otak
Yang kau hentakkan ke dinding itu
Muka ku kau tampar
Dengan gegaran yang masih belum pudar
Kau tambahkan lagi

Kenapa tidak kau bunuh sahaja aku?!

Aku ketapkan gigi gigi ku
Menahan sakit
Menahan marah
Airmata juga tidak terasa lagi mengalir

Tidak cukup dengan mental
Fizikal ku juga cuba kau ranapkan

Aku cuba membinasakan dendam
Aku sedar tiada dendam patut hadir buat kau
Namun untuk kau,
yang tidak kelihatan bisa merubah
Kesilapanmu yang masih segar di mata dan benak ku
Aku tidak mampu menumpaskan rasa dendam

Maafkan aku
Maafkan aku

Aku cuba
Namun gagal
Mungkin berdosa
Apakan daya ku
Hanya manusia kerdil yang hidup disulam kenangan maha perit

Mimpi BEST.

Not mine though.
My sis.
Kakak saya cakap, malam tadi dia mimpi saya bawak dia naik motor..
Pastu tengah la jalan jalan naik motor tu, tiba tiba ada anjing hitam kejar.
Sampai la kitorang jatuh dari motor.
Pastu kan, kakak saya cakap, anjing hitam tu gigit telinga saya!

Saya macam,.. WHAT THE FISHHHHHHHHH?!!!!!

Kakak aku ni macam takde benda lain dia nak mimpi.
Mimpi la anjing tu gigit dia ke, asal aku plak!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


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5. Everyone Tagged Has To Do The Same Thing.
6. Have Fun!

Every single day ............ Benny Benassi
- yah right, every single day, I'm NOT okay. Hahahahha -

World hold on .............. Bob Sinclair
- errr.. ohh kayyyy -

Us against the world ................. Christina Millian
- no comment -

Cinta begini ...................... Tangga
- juga no comment -

Superhuman ................ Keri Hilson feat Chris Brown
- yah I wanna be one. Tee hee -

Entourage .............. Omarion feat 50 Cent
- Kinda like this one right here -

Confessions ............... Usher feat Joe Buttons
- huh? -

Caught up .............. Usher feat Fabolous
- doesn't matter -

Terbaik Untukmu ............... Tangga
- yes, apa saja yang terbaik untuk kamu -

>WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Broken wings ...................... Tupac
- bad maths!! -

Talkin to me ................. Tupac feat Amerie
- yah I think they're always talkin to me -

Ulangkan sekali lagi ............... KRU
- yang elok boleh la ulang. yang teruk mintak jangan la -

Hero ........................ Enrique Iglesias
- hahahah.. jadi super woman -

Foolish games ..................... Jewel
- lol -

Feedback .............. Janet Jackson
- wah gila. memang tak lah! pengantin kena baling dengan senduk selamba je nanti. gua melayu oi -

Rain rain go away ...................... Nursery Rhymes
- Yassin sudey -

Pac's life (remix) ............ Tupac/ Ashanti/ T.I
- yah his life story has been kinda interesting kan -

Mimpi ........................ Anggun
- wrong lah -

You were meant for me .................... Jewel
- I guess it's no more a secret now -

Honey honey ....................... Abba
- my honeyhhh oyeahh -

I kissed a girl .................... Katy Perry
- can't wait to kiss my girlfriends the next time we all get together again -

Heartbreaker .................. Will I Am feat Chery Cole

Sis Nina
anyone anywho la ;P

Proposed. :)

Most girls dream of being proposed in a right manner kan?
I was talking to Shark and then got reminded of some pasts..
Talking about proposals, I've been proposed with the sweetest way from a boy, once.
Maybe 5 years back.

It was during a Hari Raya open house at one my bestfriend's house.
And there were the boys, and we girls.
There was this one time, when I could feel like all my friends were keeping something from me.
Until, a couple of my girls took my hands and pulled me out of the house, and said there's something that they wanted to tell me.
Masa kat luar, that 'boy' took my arms and said, "Vee, ikut aku kejap.."
And I was like, "Ha?? Apa aku buat?? Aku tak buat apa2.." Like I thought I did something wrong and mamat tu nak blasah aku ke apa.
He giggled, and dia ckp, "Ikut aje.."
So we walked together sampai selang 3 rumah camtuh..
Sampai je depan rumah tu, dengan selamba dia tanya aku,
"vee, kau suka aku kan??"
Dalam hati, sumpah rasa nak lempang dia laju laju. Hahahah..
Tak la, apa selamba sangat tanya camtuh kan.
And I shouted, I got crazy with him asking me that kinda question..
But he insisted me to answer.
So I was like, "haaa ye, ye..."
And if I'm not mistaken, he said something like, "aku pun suka kau.."
And then I smiled and he said, "Haaa.. kan cantik tu.. Aku suka tengok kau senyum.."
"vee... ~would u be my girlfriend...~"
He sang that N`SYNC song! He sang to ME!
Comel la kan.
I just answered him, "Ye lah! Ye lah!" - malu kunon.
He was like, "Betul???"
I said, "Ye........"
And he shouted, YESS!

As we walked back to the others, muka sorg2 gila annoying menganjing.
Our friends were so excited waiting for my answer.
And that boy said to his friends, "korang korang, lepas ni Vee korang tak boleh kacau. Sebab Vee, aku yang punya!"
And yes, I won't ever forget that.
Walaupun org kata apa, cinta monyet? Puppy love?

But if a sweet puppy love, siapa nak lupakan, kan??

Okay, so that was the sweeeetest way someone ever proposed to me.


Taken from a couple of Sis Nina's recent posts on hijjab.
I'm a nobody to talk about hijjab, I admit that I'm a Muslim lady but one that is still not wearing hijjab.

But Sis Nina's latest post entitled Berhijab tapi Smoking reminded me of this one time when I was in KL somewhere in December last year..
I was having my breakfast at Meal's Station while waiting for my sis who was having an interview at Wisma UOA.
Then there were this couple of ladies and 2 men sat at the table next to me. One of the ladies were wearing hijjab.
Honestly, eventhoug I have always been in KL, that was the first time I ever saw a lady wearing hijjab, smoking.
That's not what I see everyday.
Of course I didn't stare at her or whatever, but I was shocked.
I've seen some Arabian ladies do that before, it didn't surprised me tho.
But her, I don't know.
It's not like I give a damn.
But in my point of view, usually one issue such as that will lead to people who will start to judge all the other Muslimmah with hijjabs. Macam kata pepatah tu, kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.
And Muslimmah are well known for being decent and all.
I still stand for their rights.
But it's not healthy for ONE single person to create bad talks amongst people on the other Muslimmah.
Just my two cent.
Correct me if I'm wrong. :)

Star Gazer.

I was just reading this month's Cleo magazine's horoscope and this is what it says;


work hard Authority figures will be willing and able so asking for help will generate respect but procrastinate and you will miss opportunities.

play hard An unexpected surprise will do wonders for your confidence and going with a change of plan will bring wonderful social opportunities.

couples in love Hanging onto some weird idea of how things "should" be will bring tensions so do what feels right for you and your guy, and fiery passion will open up.

Tang procrastinate tuh, haaa...
Didn't I told you???
I am indeed, a big tyme procrastinator!!!
Okay okay, that's not something that I should be proud of, I'm not.
Ok gotta stop.


Oh by the way, I wanna wish one of my beloved besties;
Love you so damn much!!!

*waving goodbye*

Friday, February 6, 2009


Referral exam main hampir.
Harus mula mengulangkaji, dan harus mula belajar mengampu lecturer.

Radio path apa bendaaaaa..

Great great, I'm having problems with my new phone.
It started like an hour ago.
All of a sudden, when I tried making calls, I got the three annoying beeping sounds and a message popped up saying Radio Path Unavailable.

And guess what, I tried googling for some solutions; -blackberry radio path unavailable-.
Yes quite a number of people faced the same issue before, some of them were mentioning on softwares, upgrading the OS, never verified by RIM, updating to, and I went bananas coz I don't understand what in the world were those. Though I know OS is something that has got to do with blackberry.

But hell I couldn't send SMS, and most of the times when I tried making calls, yes that annoying three beeps kept stressing me out!
It's not my fault, I know that after reading the blackberry forum and other people faced the problem before too.

I've tried taking out my sim and battery and put them back in and all, but it seemed not to work and I feel like crashing my head onto the wall already!

So what now?? Do I have to go to the service center??
Goshhh I'm not liking this. Seriously.



Baru ni aku YM dengan Shark..
Sedih je aku nak cerita.

Mula mula dia message aku kat MySpace and dia ckp dia baca blog aku and dia sedih sangat.
Sebab dia tak ingat pun semua yang aku cerita tapi dia rasa this one kind of feeling masa dia baca tuh.
And dia tanya macam mana kalau dia nak rasa semua tu sekarang.

I don't know what to say, as for me, aku okay je..
But I'm not sure about the others.
And aku tak sure if lepak sekarang ni, will it be as the same as dulu dulu..
Eventhough aku sendiri pun sangat teringin nak rasa macam dulu dulu tu balik.

Shark, Shark..

Aku ingat lagi, masa aku dapat tahu kau accident.
Time tu aku on the way balik Melaka dari JB.
Berhenti dekat Ayer Itam kot beli barang pakcik aku nak kahwin.
Pastu ada sorg kawan ni call.
Dia ckp kawan dia bgtahu kau accident.
Time tu aku tak tahu keadaan kau accident, ringan ke teruk ke aku tak tahu.

Tapi lepas aku dapat tahu berita tu je, aku terus pinjam handphone bapak aku and call kwn2 yang patut tahu.
Esok nya tuh je, aku, Bee and Hanim naik bas ke KL, nak pergi PPUM melawat kau.
Ehm, bapak aku tak tahu.
Aku takut nak cakap aku nak pergi KL.
Tapi aku tak fikir semua tu pun, aku tau aku nak tengok kau je.
Untuk pengetahuan kau, time tu pun memang kau dah macam abang aku.

Sampai je PPUM, jumpa family kau.
Semua nangis.
Terpinga pinga aku dibuatnya.
Teruk sangat ke, sampai diorang macam tu sekali..
Time tu, tak semua boleh masuk ke ward tuh..
Tapi entah macam mana aku tak ingat, aku dapat jugak masuk.

Dan akhirnya persoalan aku terjawab.
Kau koma, and keadaan kau, memang jujur aku cakap..
Aku tak sanggup nak tengok kau lama lama.
Masa aku tengok kau terlantar, tak sedarkan diri, berbalut- tiba tiba dengan spontan dalam kepala aku terbayang bayang masa kita lepak sama sama, borak borak, gelak gelak..
Aku tak lupa apa aku rasa time tu.
Sebak gila aku tengok abang aku dalam keadaan sakit macam tu..

Lepas je melawat kau, aku balik Melaka.
Balik hari, sebab mcm aku ckp tadi, bapak aku tak tahu aku pergi KL.
Tapi esok nya aku datang lagi.
Dengan mak Ayman, and Ayman.
Yang time tu, mak Ayman memang dah bagitahu bapak aku dia nak ajak aku pergi KL tengok kau.
Bapak aku pun kenal kau.
Aku rasa bapak aku pun boleh fikir kot, yang hari sebelumnya aku pergi KL.
Sebab aku ada cakap aku pergi melawat kawan aku accident, cuma aku tak cakap dekat KL.
Aku rasa dia faham..

Masa dengan Ayman, kitorg sama sama dapat masuk tengok kau.
Masuk je, aku dengan Ayman dua dua tak pandang kau dulu.
Aku pandang Ayman je mula mula, dia tengok dinding, and slowly dia alih pandangan pada kau.
Bila Ayman tengok je keadaan kau, dia terus nangis.
And time tu la, aku tak boleh tahan dah.
Aku tengok kau and tak boleh nak kawal langsung rasa sebak..
Macam susah nak terima, tengok kawan aku macam tu.
Masa kau dah sedar pun, kau tak boleh bercakap, and kau tak boleh bergerak.
Kau macam dalam dunia kau sendiri.
Aku nampak betapa seksa nya kau bila kau nak batuk, dengan tekak kau yang kena tebuk.

Sekarang kau cakap kau nak sangat rasa time time happy kita sama sama dulu kan.
Aku tak tahu macam mana nak tunaikan hajat kau.
Tapi aku janji aku akan cuba.
Kita kawan kan?
And aku anggap kau macam abang aku.

Aku sendiri sedih bila fikirkan semua ni.
Tapi tengok lah, aku akan cuba apa yang aku mampu k?

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ehm.. Tiba tiba I feel like I miss those times when I used to chilled with my cousin, Ayman's friends.
It was like 5 years back kot, if I'm not mistaken.
Shark, Bajau, Mawardy, Kip, Nenen, Haq, Zarul, Izat, etc.
Aku cam rindu gila time tu.
Time2 nak exam, SPM plak tuh, but sorang2 buat majal.
Except for Ayman, the innocent bwoyyyy.. Hahahahhaha..
Gila best time tu.

Korang korang igt tak, kita lepak kat rumah Ayman..
Ramai2, hoohaa hoohaa..
Time tu aku couple ngan salah sorg dari korang, kan kan kan.
Cinta monyet la kot, tapi rindu je time tu..
Time dating kat buaian lagi.
Pastu malu gaban.

Skrg ni aku tgh YM ngan Shark.
And dia tanya aku, aku suka KITA yg dulu or KITA yang sekarang.
So aku jujur je la jwb, of course yang dulu.
Sekarang, mostly semua dah buat haluan masing2.
Padahal bukan tak boleh keep in touch.
So far la, mana yang ada ni, ada je lagi.
Shark, Bajau, Kip, Mawardy relax aje.
Tapi ada yang senyap terus mcm tak penah kenal.
Tapi aku takde hal la sgt.
Yang penting, aku tau aku ni okay aje ngan semua..

Shark pulak, after hilang ingatan time accident, banyak benda dia lupa.
Tapi nasib baik, antara orang2 yang dia igt, termasuk AKU.
Bila aku tanya dia, kenapa dia igt aku, dia ckp sbb dia syg kat aku.
Happy nya.
Ye la, aku tak ada abang. Pastu Ayman tu sepupu aku yang tua aku 4 hari je tapi layan aku cam adik dia. Pfft.
Pastu kawan2 dia pun sama baya ngan aku tapi aku anggap macam abang2 jugak, termasuk la Shark ni.
Dulu mmg aku selesa sangat dengan semua dorg tuh.
Time tu takde gila amik gambar sangat kot.
Kalau tak sure ada yang aku boleh share kat sini..

Lepak ramai2, Bajau main gitar..
Buka puasa ramai2, convoy naik motor.
Aku naik motor ngan Ayman, and yang lain semua..
Gila best.

Pastu time birthday aku, akak aku buat makan makan kat rumah.
And korang semua datang..
Bajau main gitar lagu Kau Ilhamku..

Tapi serious la korang, aku tiba tiba teringat time tu.
And rasa rindu gila.
Dulu korang suka sakat aku..
Korang gelarkan aku, Bee and Awi- The Gonjengs.
Mawardy kot yg start bagi nama tuh.
Tapi aku suka gila kawan ngan korang time tuh..

Dari tuisyen kot.
Pusat Tuisyen Bistari.
Lepak kat Patisfrance Bakery ramai2, kecoh2..

Lepas habis SPM plak, Cik Man bukak Gloria Jean's.
Port melepak baruuu..
Tapi time tu jugak la, slow2 semua makin renggang.
Yang study, yang kerja...
Sampai la skrg ni, tinggal berapa kerat je.

Btw, aku memang takkan lupa kat korang, sbb kalau korg nak tau, korang la kawan2 lelaki aku yang 1st dalam hidup aku ni.
Geli tak statement aku tuh?
Tapi betul.
And korang2 la kawan2 lelaki yang first sekali aku selamba bawak balik rumah jumpa bapak aku.
Time barbeque Hari Raya tuh la.
Ingat tak?
2004 kalau tak silap aku.
Yang kita digelar Kumpulan Gagak Hitam tuh..
Kebetulan kan, kita semua pakai baju hitam!!!
Bee je sorang pakai biru.
See, aku ingat lagi beb!
Korang lepak sampai kul 2-3 pagi kot..
Siap tolong bapak aku bukak khemahhh tuh..

Pastu kan, Bajau ko igt tak aku accident motor masa nak gi sekolah untuk SPM?
Sampai sekolah je aku sms ko, padahal time tu tengah beratur nak masuk dewan exam.
Relax je aku msg ko ckp aku accident kan?
Ko ngan Ayman dtg lawat aku kat rumah, nak tgk luka kat lutut aku?!
Gila comel dow kita time tu.

Senang cite la kan;
I miss all of u, seriously!

(japppp.. tiba2 macam teringat. rasa nya Gloria Jean's bukak bukan masa lepas SPM laaa... Masa tuh kita Form 4 kan. Yang pasti bukan lepas SPM. Hahahahah.. Yang lepas SPM tu sebab ada antara korang start part time kerja kat GJ lepas SPM.. Dah ingat dah. Hee.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Update.

Alrighty, I don't think there's any interesting stuffs that happened to me recently. But it feels like something's kinda missing when I didn't blog on anything. Lol.

So here I am, wait.

Figuring out what to type..

Okay, so just in a month 2 weeks and 2 days to go til our 2 years anniversary.
It's not that long to be excited about- to some people..
But it is for me.
Since this is my first relationship being with ONE same guy for the past 1 year and 11 months +.
Some of my previous relationships would be on and off even after I got a new man, and broke up and got back with the ex and broke up and met a new one and got back to the old one.

It sounds funny I know.
Not that I was such a bit*h but things happened u know.
I didnt planned it to happened like that lah.

That one particular person was always waiting, and I would always thougt that I won't lose anything to give him or US, another try and another try and another.

So with this current boyfie of mine, yes we did broke up a few times- or maybe a thousand times. Haha. But so far, Alhamdulillah, whenever we broke up, I never did or even have the thoughts of running back to my ex or find someone new.
I don't actually like to boast or tell people how good my man is, how this or that he is.

Because I don't read people's hearts and minds.
No matter how I feel so close to him and all, I wouldn't know.
And fate, is in God's hand.

I don't want to boast around telling everyone how good my relationship is, since nothing is confirmed yet- not until the day that he proposed me.
And for now, all I can say is, I am happy here. The place that I wished to be forever. With him.

I'm a jobless person, just because I have to wait for my referal examination. I'm not proud of it but I believe that no matter how, I just have to deal with it. There isn't any option, is there? Unless I chose to kiss my diploma goodbye. Heh.
I believe that something way better is waiting for me ahead.
I'm still walking slowly, I know.
Lazy ass I am. Lol.
But I do know that the day that I'll be running fast to grab my dreams and to be where I want to be will come, sooner or later. I just know.
On other stuffs; I'm in love with my new blackberry.
But too bad I can't take photos from the phone.
In fact, I can't use some of the functions provided, since I haven't registered for postpaid.
I mean those internet functions, MMS and all.
Nanti la dah kerja, boleh la register postpaid.
Goodnight everybody!

Monday, February 2, 2009



My small fam. :) ...

And my big, Chinese fam... :DD
They were surfing the net for their next handbag collections while I was busy texting.
And that was me, mom and mom's mom. Hahaha



So as what been told earlier, I had dinner with my Chinese family.
It was supposed to start at 7pm sharp, but we're like 10minutes late.
As we reached Renaissance, the other family members were already waiting for us at the hotel's Chinese Restaurant...

The first dish was yee sang..
It was fun tossing the yee sang- for those who doesnt have any idea what it is, Yee Sang is actually a dish, that usually served during the Chinese New Year. It is basically a Chinese raw salad. And the action of tossing is known as Lo Hei which symbolizes increasing prosperity, abundance, and vigor.

The second one was the shark's fin soup. The best!! Oh God, heavenly! Everyone was eating it so fast from their bowls and keep scooping for more! Lol.
And then came the longevity noodles...
It symbolizes a long life. Tee hee..
By the time I finished my plate of noodles, I felt like giving up eating.
I thought I was almost full.

But then came the rice and a few other dishes; fried chicken, bean curds cooked with soy sauce, 2 kinds of fish, asparagus with fresh scallops, etc.
Yeah, I thought my cheongsam top's buttons would popped off!
I was so damn full.

After the people cleared the table, the cake was brought into the dining room.
For mom. Hehehe..
We thought of surprising her, but too bad, one of the hotel's staff asked my aunt when they should bring in the cake- right in front of my mom.
Kantoi le.

But it all went well..
We all sang her the birthday song, we took photos, we were so full, and we all had fun.

After the dinner, me, mom, my sis, my youngest aunt, cousins and grandmum went back to my aunties' place, they're living in the same condominium. The younger, Aunt Emily is in 2nd floor while the youngest, Aunt Bernie is staying at the 5th floor.
Aunt Emily went to the hospital with her husband, heard that she was suspected for chikugunya. But she even managed to joined us for dinner first.

And we all chilled at Aunt Bernie's place.
Had some cookies, kuaci, and oranges.
Desserts, I guess.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I was so stressed out with the Meet The Parents thingy kan, sampai I posted bodo2 aje previously. Eh, bukan selalu ke post saya bodo2. Aha.
But honestly, it was thrilling/exciting/ freaky/ scary/- don't know what to expect.
It's hard to keep wondering on people's first impression on us.
I've been thinking alot, even boyfie got a lil angry at me for being extra super shy and bla bla.
Weyy.. 1st time kot, what do u expect.
Dah la bapak nya bilal.
And yes, bila orang tanya aku ni makwe dia ke apa, jawapan artis la..
"Kawan aje..."

Ok back to daily dose, eceh kunon.
So later on, I'll be having dinner with my Chinese fam.
Since mom is already here.
Some people called it makan besar or makan berdamai.
And I hope none of my aunts and uncles and my grandmum will accidentally left my angpow at home.
Haahhahahahaha gila gelojoh.

Last Friday, my aunt and uncle, yes the ones who got me my new phone, bought me a box of cupcakes from Cupcake Chic.
And mom bought Big Apple pulak tadi.
Wah, makan besar perut besar.

Goodnight people..
Warghhhhhhhhhh aku nak tidur dengan aman sekali je atleast pls...