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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just a few hours ago, my uncle Zai who's from JB dropped by at my place after he attended his meeting in KL.
Before he reached my place, he called me up.
Asked me where to find kebaya nyonya at that time,- 7.30pm camtuh la.
So saya memang pakar sangat la kan nak menjawab soalan tuh..
And he wanted me to accompany him looking for the kebaya nyonya for his pregnant wife.
Orang mengandung, kan kalau nak something mmg nakkk jugak.
So I followed him, took him to some places.
But most of the shops dekat luar dah tutup..
Those places yang tertumpu kepada tourists.
So I remembered this kebaya nyonya boutique at bangunan merah, the owner told me that they have another branch at Dataran Pahlawan.
We went there, but unfortunately, the shop was closed.
We continued looking, found some other places that sells kebaya nyonya, but...
The clothes doesnt look like kebaya nyonya to me.
It has all those shiny beads, sequins and all.
For me, kebaya nyonya needs to be as traditional as it can be.
Dengan kerawang, bunga bunga yang terperinci and all..
So jalan lagi, and dari jauh I saw this new shop that I once went with my mom.
Owned by a Chinese aunty, it has kebaya nyonya, cheongsams, clogs,-etc.

I got so touched looking at my uncle yang beria nak carikan the baju for his beloved wife.
Masa jalan-jalan, and macam tak jumpa tuh, he even said this; "I hate to disappoint Aunty Yan lah.."..
And then, he called his wife, saying that the deep red color of kebaya nyonya that she requested doesn't offer her size. Since she's 3mths pregnant with their second baby, and need the baju for an event in February, we had to look for her baju saiz XL. She's not even fat, just the tummy- which contained another soul lah kan. Lol.
My uncle suggested XL since he said he wouldn't dare to take the risk.
Nanti dah balik JB, sia sia aje ketat.
At least she's pregnant, besar sikit wouldn't be a problem kot, as long as comfortable.

In the end, she doesn't really mind about the color, since those red ones semua size S and M aje.
She asked my uncle to MMS her the pictures of the baju.
So that she could pick the color.
Kebetulan pulak, my uncle just got a new phone.
Dia tak activate those MMS settings, 3G calls or whatever.
Kat situ jugak dia activate, and take the photos, with me holding the kebaya nyonya, one by one.
And MMS.
Finally, she decided to have the white one.

Yang kelakar nya, she didn't say earlier that she needs to wear it in February.
She make my uncle rushing like she need it for next week.
Last minute tadi masa pilih2 baju, baru dia cakap.
But my uncle didn't seem to mind pun.
Sweeet je kan.

He paid for the baju at 9.50pm camtuh.
When the mall will be closing another 10mins.
Haaa.. Pilih kaw2.
Just to avoid disappointing his wife.
Halah halah.
terharu okeh.

Oh then, masa balik, my sis smsed me saying that our grand aunt kirim beli burger ayam dekat kedai area rumah kita je.
So we dropped by the burger stall, mula2 my uncle waited with me.
But tengok ramai lagi yang dtg before us tengah tunggu burger diorg, he told me to wait, and walk home if I don't mind because he needed to take his dinner at my place and rush back to JB . So I said okay.
Tunggu a few mins, ambil burger, tengah jalan kat depan shop lots dpn rumah, my dad passed by.
He just came back from somewhere, (oh yes, papa checked out dari hospital petang tadi).
He slowed down his car, parked it, but with the engine still on.
And dia cakap, "Tunggu dalam kereta.." sambil dia keluar, and headed to one of the shops.
Saya cakap kat dia, saya nak topup.
Dia buat dekkk je and jalan..
So saya duduk lah dalam kereta tunggu dia.
Tunggu punya tunggu, ada 10-15minit kot.
Lama gila tak balik balik.
So saya pun lumpat ke driver seat, drive sikit park depan kedai topup.
Topup, and drive slow2 perati if papa tengah lepak kat warung depan tuh ke.
Tapi takde.
Sampai depan rumah, papa bagus terpacak kat halaman rumah-waiting for me.
Saya masuk je, saya tanya dia..
Saya: Asal papa tinggalkan adik??
Then dia just tanya saya balik
Papa: Kau dengar papa cakap apa tadi?
Bukan papa suruh tunggu dalam kereta ke?
Papa: Orang suruh bawak balik keretaaaaaa..........

Kawan kawan, sumpah saya dengar papa cakap suruh tunggu dalam kereta.
Kat dalam rumah, uncle saya ckp, "Lama gilaaa kau beli burgerrrr.."
Pastu papa kat belakang menyampuk, "orang suruh bawak balik kereta, dia pergi tungguuuu pulak dalam kereta.."
Saya senyummmmm aje..
Rasa tongong gila, macam tunggu bulan jatuh ke riba.
Sengal dak Vee ni.


Rubina Yunal said...


adoi la Vee nih :P

Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

panjang nya gelakkkkk.. :(
kesian saye..