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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Sometimes I just wish I could do those things that some people used to tell me not to do.
Some harmless things that I couldn't manage to find the answers on why I can't do them.

Dealing with narrow minded people.
Nothing we do seemed to be right in their eyes.
But I do believe, one very fine day, I'll get to do what I want.
Turning their pointing fingers to the other way round.
Or maybe confront them would be better.
But with so much hopes that their narrow minds will start to think on the brighter sides of the picture, think out of the box.
The box that was once filled with negativities.


"Time's flying so fast.... Time flies so fast...."
If u noticed, I've always used that phrases.
It's true kan..
It's like, I'm almost 22 in just a blink of an eye.
It feels like just yesterday, I've been asked by dad to choose the toys I wanted..
And now, I've finished college, I'm driving my own car- dad don't buy me small toys anymore I guess. :)
And I'm jotting down agendas in my organizer.
The latest note is to go find a part time job before I continue my degree.
A job??
One that I have to look by myself.
No more working with mom in the airport.

Oh my oh my.

Whatever it is, all I wished for is a better and wayyy better future/life ahead.
Insya'Allah, Amin Yarabbal'alamin.

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