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Saturday, January 31, 2009

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1.Have you said "i love you" today
Yes I have.

2.Did you cry at your graduation or smile because you were glad it was over?
Haven't been thru graduation yet.

3.What's your nickname?

4.How do you calm down when you’re extremely angry?
Cry. Yea I ain't no gangstah afterall, yyyeappp. But sometimes I'd just lie down in my bed, lock myself in the room and stare at the damn ceiling.

5.A movie or a long walk in the beach on a date?
Beach wins!

6.A guy/girl comes up to you says "hey babe", you say?
Huh? Well if he/she is someone I know, I'll def reply "Hey..". But if it was a stranger, I'll just turn around or walk away or ignore them or ask them politely Do I know u?

7.What's first thing you notice in a guy/girl?
Entah eh... Mcm susah je soalan ni.

8.Would you ever date someone covered in tats and piercings?

9.Would you want a house at the beach or in the mountains?
Well, both are nice. So either one.

10.What are 2 of your favorite colors?
White & Turqoise

11.What time is it right now?

12.What's your zodiac sign?

13.Are you a party animal or someone who prefers to stay in a quiet place?
The second one.

14.Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Cats la woi.

15.Would you drive 100 miles for the one you love?
No sweat~

16.Does love really make you act crazy?
Oh yess..

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