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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So called daily dose.

Yesterday was okay.
I accompanied Shikin at McD where she was filling in her UPU forms and all.
Then she accompanied me to EON bank, mom asked me to pay her credit card's bill.
And then I sent Shikin back to McD where her car was still parked.
She followed me home, and then in the evening, myself, Shikin and Fatin went to the pasar malam at Kampung Lapan, 3-5mins driving distance from my place.

I had my most favourite icecream called yuyu ice.
I have been having and loving the taste of it since I was a little girl.
It has lychee flavor, grape, asam boi, corn,etc- but those 4 flavors are those that I used to pick, since we can pick 4 scoops for a cup of yuyu ice.

And there was this one time, while I followed Shikin to buy anchovies, a guy who was promoting ASTRO approached us.

ASTRO Guy: Kak, meh pasang ASTRO kat rumah..
Shikin: Takpe dah ada dah..
ASTRO Guy: (Looked at me while smiling..) Takpe, boleh pasang kat handphone pulak.

And I was so blur and I asked Shikin, "Sekarang dah boleh pasang ASTRO kt handphone ke?"


We are planning to visit school.
Can't wait to meet my teachers, and the canteen's aunty. Hope she's still available, and still selling the nice mi asam!
And after that, we might go to the gym.


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