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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday night treats

I justtt got back from having quite a heavy dinner in Renaissance.
Makngah, my aunt, terminated her and hubby's membership in EQ and get a new membership at Renaissance. Lol.
It was okay, but the club's room is slightly smaller than EQ's, oh bla bla- I wasn't intended to talk about the place actuallyyyyy.............
But those food I had for dinner..
Lotssss of food.
There goes my diet, and here comes my fats back- those that I burned in gym. Hahaha.
The lamb patties were awesome, potato salad with bacon, the oyster- the fishy taste haunted my mouth for a few hours. Yuckie.

But as the time for desserts arrived, I got all excited- for sugar rush!
I had 2 caramel puddings, 2 mousses, - and that was all.
Because I never liked those desserts that contained fruits.
Like mango brulee or those fruit cakes or fruit tarts or whatever.
I preferrrr- the best, ever creme brulee from Zen!
And the mousse I had just now, was all creamyyyy, milky.
I love those stuffs.
Vanilla, caramel, creamy, cheesy.
Those are sooooo my kinda thang!

It's been some time since I last posted on food kan.
Madamme fatso is back and lookin gooood.
Ok, let's hit the gym.

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